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  1. yeah, funny thing is most people would prefer to be anywhere but hannegan. ¨hey you excited for goldstar this weekend?¨ someone else ¨no, i actually hope i break my wrist this moto so i dont have to come her for that¨ thats a good one.
  2. ill be at hannegan both days, stupid intermediate class kicked my butt last night, you can tell that everyone else has been riding mx and i haven´t Too much offroad lately i guess. oh well. It took me a while to figure it out last year too. Anyone know how long racing will go to?? P.S. do not fall on the flattrack, it will leave you a nice burn like wound. Anyone else have any negative thoughts about the sawdust?
  3. haha, arent you at work when your on thumpertalk. thats what i thought haha.
  4. i ride an 06 yz250f but everytime i get on my sisters yz125 i love it soooo much. its just so much fun to ride and soo light. thats why im getting two new 2 strokes soon. yz125 and yz250.
  5. ahh im actually glad it was cancelled, ive been so sick all week and wasnt looking forward to it at all. especially in less than good conditions. i remember the muddiest race last year. IT WAS TERRIBLE. and it took forever to wash the bikes after.
  6. 31st Overall, 3rd 250cc going for a top 15 next year.
  7. hahaha, one guy actually went to pull on his rolloffs as he entered the woods while that log just sat there at an angle waiting to take him from his leading position. it was definitely not a pretty thing to watch. especially when people were barely making it over with both hands on the bars.
  8. if you wanted help you could email me, and i might be able to do the points for you. im not a genius at web design but it doesnt seem like it would be too difficult since i took a class on it. so if you want,
  9. It was very slick, just how i liked it on the 200exc. I cant say i like the mud as much on the yz250f though.
  10. haha it was definitely a difficult course, got soaked right off the start. I definitely found some mudholes. They take some time. Did anyone else have any problems with brakes fading in and out?? All and all not such a bad day, 3rd place in 200A. p.s. i dont know about the soundtest, i got a 92dba on my 06 yz250f with a stock exhaust. So did a friend on a kxf450. Did everyone enjoy the course?
  11. nope. i was not at any of the practices this year. ill be at the first race though.
  12. last year was my first full season of mx, and i got 3rd in the Junior classes.
  13. oh so when that guy said beginners talking smack he wasnt kidding. my names Jordan Scheller and ill be racing 125B and OpenB. Ill be on a yz250f #758.. i will see you guys next week.
  14. Does anyone know about tomorrow, is it practice, or an MX race, or what??
  15. is this the kind of experience you were looking for?? its not the only prank i saw at the desert though. Jon Seehorn and Tyler Wicks bikes, it gave tyler good luck.(9th OA) Does anyone have any good ideas for preventing blood blisters, Anthonee Gibbs superglues his hands, it got infected at the buttstomper, but he still thinks its a good idea. haha.