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    WTB RV Deep Cycle Batteries

    Thank's Jeff, this is why TT is great, real people sharing their real life events. I will call Lifeline on Monday and run that by them, i am not opposed to going wet cell, it would save me lot's of money, i did not read about the AGM batteries being that sensitive to heat anywhere, I'll keep you posted.

    WTB RV Deep Cycle Batteries

    Thanks to everyone who chimed in on this out of place thread, i really enjoyed reading the real life experiences of others that are in the same situation. Here is what i have found after hours of research, Smart charger, forget about using the old buzz box chargers, throw them away, unless you want to cook your batteries. You must buy a smart charger, this includes the one in your RV. If you have an older RV, like mine it's a no brainer, just change it. The folks at BESTCONVERTER.COM are very helpful and gave me good advise, if nothing else you can read all of the information on all of the lines of converter/chargers that they carry, i spoke directly to Randy, he was totally cool and answered all my questions. I went with the Boondocker 60amp model, it's on the way as we speak. I was torn between this one and the Progressive Dynamics, Inteli-Power, both are really good units. Batteries, if you think choosing a converter/charger is hard this will drive you nuts! Every single battery manufacture says their battery is the best, flat, every one! Again after hours of research, asking questions, and wanting to keep my dollars in the USA, and local if possible, here is the result. 6 Volt, AGM Deep Cycle is the way to go, these batteries require no maintenance other that keeping them charged, and have only 2 to 3% drop off a month when stored. There are 2 companies here in so-cal that make their batteries in the USA, Trojan, and Lifeline. Lifeline only sells AGM batteries, Trojan sells both wet cell and AGM. The AGM batteries are almost twice as much as a wet cell, but with proper care will last longer. The reviews on the Lifeline batteries are nothing but good, these are the same batteries our military buys according to their web site. Trojan is the recognized leader in golf cart batteries, they own the market, their T-105 is the industry standard and will work well in a RV application. This battery is also available in an AGM series. I am going with the Lifeline GPL-4CT, right now All Car in the San Gabriel Valley has the best price at 288.75 each, i did not plan on spending this kind of money when i started this project, it just went that way. This will be painful on the wallet to the tune of about 800.00 for batteries and the Boondocker, but it's an investment on long term reliability, nothing worse than waking up to dead batteries and a pissed off family because the heater stopped working, the 200.00 bucks you cut corners on will seem like chump change when your trip is ruined because everyone wants to go home. I'll post some pictures of the final items when they arrive.
  3. Completely of topic here, but worth a shot, looking for a good place to purchase a couple of new deep cycle batteries. These have really gone up in price recently, so reaching out for a connection in the forum might work. In the LA area, but get down to OC all the time, any contact help would be great, thanks all.

    Where to take RV at Ocotillo Wells

    We went for many years to OW, camped up S22, on the South side above Pole Line Road. There are many good spots with easy access on both sides of S22. It's worth doing a little exploring when you get over there, just remember that on the South side of S22 it's state property, no shooting, the North side is BLM, there are areas where you can safely shoot, if that's your thing? It's also a really good ride over to SVRA from the S22, Cut Across trail is hammered, but there is a few trails west of Cut Across that get you over to Pumkin Patch, then over to SVRA area. Fun to watch the Shell Reef wacos do their thing.

    KTM 690 enduro or Husky 701 enduro

    Chip at Munn Racing might still have a 690, he was blowing them out last week. I think a lot of people are waiting for the new KTM 790, and the new Yamaha, there's lots of stuff on the internet on both of them.

    Tubliss Install Tips

    I have the "Mikes" tire changing stand, it's similar to the one in your picture without the bead breaker, i really like the way it works, and not being on the ground when changing tires. Send me a PM if you want to borrow it to try it out.

    Who remembers Texas Cyn now called Rowher flats?

    Yes those were fun days, remember you could go all the way through to Bouquet Canyon, and you could shoot there also. Did anyone stop at the tiny little store right by the old way in, an old couple ran it, it was like stepping back in time. The old way in, going through the houses, on that narrow winding road, we went up that once when it snowed, pretty crazy.

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    Probably going to be muddy everywhere Looks like rain in Granada Hills right now, just gonna play it by ear. Who's going to the high desert?. I'll go if there is someone that wants to carpool.

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    Thanks for the invite, not feeling the drive to the high dez. I am going to stay local, i'll just wing it at Rowher.


    I raced Indian Dunes, and Valley Cycle Park , seems so long ago, what a blast. Rode a TM125, had the first RM125, bought it brand new from Dick Dixon at Allied Cycle in Newhall. Jumped onto AW250 Macio in 76, bought it new from Gary Cole at Cole Bros. North Hollywood, good times!!!!


    Where did you race MX at, Indian Dunes?

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    Sounds like you guys had a good ride, I hope to join in some day, till then I'll just look and dream on.

    Help me decide on a helmet

    As far as helmets go, always buy on what feels best when you put it on, a removable interior for cleaning would be a plus. Cost is always a factor, if you have a 10 dollar head, buy a 10 dollar helmet, most of us can't justify a 600.00 dollar helmet, so find a middle ground. I think your'e on the right track looking at last years models to save money, and never buy a used helmet, new with tags only! I have tried on many brands recently and found this - Shoie, fits me perfect, love it!

    my bike wont start half me pls

    This really sounds like a broken piston return spring, i would not waste too much time on the wheel bearings. Based on you saying you reved the motor very high, the piston return spring has probably broken and gone out the exhaust pipe, now don't get scared, it's not that hard to fix, but because the spring is probably gone, you will need to bring your head,piston and cylinder to the bike shop so they can match all of the numbers and get you the right spring. Some parts guys are going to laugh at you because they don't know where to look for the right numbers to match the spring up to your parts, if they laugh, just ask for the head mechanic, tell them what has happened, and they will take care of you. Good luck with the fix

    Airoh Helmet, in So Cal

    Gflo, are you in So Cal, where did you find one to try on?