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  1. Thanks, still cheaper than the 2 on ebay!
  2. mawonline is out of stock for both black and natural tanks Anybody else sells them for that price?
  3. Yes, I have the exact same setup. So you still on the stock 45 pilot jet and FS 1 1/8th turns out as per JD instruction?
  4. YES - CraigKLX is da MAN !!!! Hey Patmach1, what jetting sizes did you go with from the JD kit? Did you do any other mods?
  5. Well, I guess I did not read this post properly, so I checked the coil wire and connection and it was dry. Came back this morning re-read this post, found the harness you were talking about - WET, soaked! Dried it all out, put some electrical grease in there - FIXED !!!!!! Thanks a lot for the help. I'm one happy KLX owner again. Now, I can start from scratch with my jetting. Sure learned a lot though!
  6. OK, I'll take the service manual and start looking at all the electrical stuff. Any preferences as to where to start. There's not a lot of electrical components on this bike. What would make sense regards to ignition? Ignitor? Coil? TPS? Regulator? Thanks for all the advice so far !!!!
  7. where is your fuel screw set at?
  8. it ran bad before and after the hot start plunger was replaced. After the hot start fix I was still able to ride it though. It's got progressively worse. Only work on the carb was - main jet, pilot jet, adjustable fuel screw, o-ring on the AP linkage, and replaced the hot start plunger. Aftermarket pipe, twin air filter. Removed headlight and trip meter. And AIS blocked off. That's all...
  9. Changed the plug - no difference!
  10. Changed my plug tonight. No luck
  11. Do you know if they removed the AIS?
  12. No, I took the needle out last night to make sure the clip was in the 4th position. It was and everything looked ok as far the needle goes. I disconnected the TPS today - no improvement. I just took out the fuel screw, looks perfect nothing broken off or missing there either. I'm on my way to put a new plug in too. Simply because I'm running out of ideas. Should I put the AIS back? Is it worth a try?
  13. I've just read through this whole thread and I'm going to change my spark plug tomorrow! I'm having 99% the same issues you've had. Did you replace with the same spark plug or a different kind/rating?