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  1. chavez27

    2002 cr250 surging please help

    check for lean jetting. start with your air screw and test. do you know what you have in your carb now?
  2. chavez27

    CR250R no power at low RPMs

    Aww man im interested to find out if it actually was installed backwards.. what a smart mechanic
  3. chavez27

    Helmet Cameras

    http://helmetcameracentral.com/ Read a bunch of reviews on different brands of helmet cameras. F.Y.I, there's cameras that are a lot better than the vholdr....
  4. chavez27

    CRF 250x Top end question

    hey thanks guys that helped me out a lot. especially that last post. i have been playing witht the idea of a 450x. i figure the 450 would take less work to get moving than a 250x therefore making the 450 a little less maintenance. after all i do currently ride a cr 250r and im used to getting tossed around by the bike. thanks again guys.
  5. chavez27

    CRF 250x Top end question

    well thanks jvann but that still didnt answer my question. how often does one need to change the top end on a four stroke? Is it as often as a two stroke? mind you i do not race and i ride trails only. yes i know there is valves involved but i plan on upgrading those when the time comes.
  6. chavez27

    CRF 250x Top end question

    Okay now ive been looking around the website and using the search feature but i havent found what im looking for yet concerning the top end on a 250x, so Im just going to post my question here. How often does a 250x require a top end swap? I grew up on two strokes and im thinking about getting the 250x. The reason I want to know that is because I didnt like the fact that I had to swap out the top end on my cr 125 frequently. I dont race and I like to ride trails a lot, so im not gonna be too hard on the bike. Im sure the 450x will last longer for a top end rebuild but from reading many,many posts it sounds like a lot of people like the 250x more. Im new to the world of four strokes, so somebody please help me out. thanks
  7. chavez27

    which thumper to buy????

    hey thanks a lot guys i really appreciate it. ill look into the yammys as well.
  8. chavez27

    which thumper to buy????

    ALSO, i know the maintenance between two and four strokes is different, what do i need to expect if i get a thumper? enlighten me please somebody. thanks
  9. im looking into buying a fourstroke. i currently ride a 04 cr 250. i was looking into the 450X and 250 X. i wannt to get an X because i want a green sticker for it. ive never ridden any of those bikes so i cant really decide which to go with. i figure the 450 is good cause i ride a cr250 but i wonder if it is still too much. will someone help me out and give me some pros and cons. thanks