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  1. Summit Rider

    Can't/Won't wheelie

    Thanks for the responses. This question was an honest attempt to try and understand the mechanics of a wheelie and if my bike is capable. Riding at 100 was only mentioned as a performance indicator of the machine, not stated as an everyday occurance, and lastly there was no mention of where 100 was hit, I'm sure that just about everyone has opened up their new toy at some point to see its parameters. As for staying with the pack, I have no motor pack, so I stay with myself. If anyone around Summit County posts here and would like to ride I'd love to join you sometime. Take care all.
  2. Summit Rider

    Can't/Won't wheelie

    I'm about 175 pounds and pretty strong. Not comfortable enough on the bike to be chucking my weight too much. How can I measure/gauge clutch slippage?
  3. Summit Rider

    Can't/Won't wheelie

    I've got a 96 XR 600R. I'm pretty new to the bike thing, but reading through other posts I've seen multiple XR riders posting about their wheelie's in first through third gear. My XR won't pull a 3rd gear wheelie, and to get it up in first or second requires some clutch slippage. It runs great, tops out around 100 in fifth and seems to be mechanically fine. Is this normal? Suggestions on wheelies? Thanks!!
  4. Summit Rider

    New, Need Bike

    I a newbie, trying to get my first bike. After listening to more experienced folks I'm thinking an XR 400 is the bike for me. Been looking around, but no luck finding one yet. Looking for something in good mechanical shape (not a big fix it guy - have too many adrenaline sports to be repairing things), that's titled and street legal. Its a childhood dream to have a dirtbike, so far a dream that's been unanswered. After mountain biking around Summit County for years, there are places that just aren't fun to bike on, but would be fun w/ a motor. Anyone got an XR 400 - ....maybe 650 to sell? Willing to go to $2700 for the right machine. Thanks!!