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  1. I owned both, the 525 is a proper dirtbike, lighter, better suspension and more "snappy" power delivery down low. I rode it for two dirt seasons before the cam chain broke at Pismo. BTW, oil changes on the 525 are a PITA with four filters to clean/replace. My '00 650 has taken tons of abuse and still keeps going. The lack of an electric boot is a pain if you fall over alot. I ended up picking up a 450x for more extreme riding and will keep the 650 for desert and dual sporting.
  2. Good find on the CFC protectors, I used one on my old DRZ for years with no problems
  3. So what kind of deal was the dealer offering ?. (before the whole credit stuff ?). I've seen quite a few used 3-4yr old 450x going for ~4k, sometimes less on Craigslist.
  4. Make sure to let us know where and how much !, I'm shopping around for the same thing at the moment !