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  1. tjb45

    Dry Oil Filters.. Help

    Thats not what I really wanted to know
  2. tjb45

    Dry Oil Filters.. Help

    Ok work this one out... After pulling the side cover and so on off, there was no way to spin the oil pump, even with a pair of pliers. They pulled the shaft that the two plastic gear are on out, and one of the gears had broken the pin that locks it on to the shaft. New pin, reassembled, added oil, spun the oil pump by hand and bingo, oil pumped up through everything... I think I'm the luckiest bastard around... Might go buy a lottery ticket…
  3. tjb45

    Dry Oil Filters.. Help

    Thanks Travis. About a year ago I had it serviced with the valves adjusted. The also looked for a loose cam bolt at the same time. I took it home and when on a ride. About 3 hours into the ride I noticed oil coming from the top of the engine. It ended up been that they had over tightened the banjo bolt that feeds oil to the cam, and the head of it had snapped off. I took it back to them, and they apologised, and fixed it free of charge. It seems unlikely, but could of that caused a problem? Also how much of a job is it to replace the oil pump gears? Thanks again. Tim
  4. tjb45

    Dry Oil Filters.. Help

    Thats right, one oil pump feeds the two oil filters then it heads around to the crank/piston. The theory at the moment is that one of the oil pump gears has stripped. I really cant believe its lasted so long on just "splashes"...
  5. tjb45

    Dry Oil Filters.. Help

    Thanks. I'll have a look at this check valve. The filters are bone dry. The only dirty marks on them is the grease marks from my hands when I've pulled them out.. Send me a brand new set of filters and I'll run them in my bike for a day and send them back, you wont be able to tell the difference between them and a brand new set.. Its a "little" concerning as I've looked at the oil path, and it looks to me that the oil needs to pass through the two filters before it heads off to the crank/piston. I'm going to head down to the local KTM dealer and have a talk to them about it.
  6. I've just changed my oil on my 2001 520 EXC, and the oil filters are completely dry, with no sign of oil on them at all, they look brand new still. I would of done a good 1000 k's since the last oil change. There is no noise in the engine to give me any indication its been starved of oil, and in the viewing glass you can see oil circulating.. Has this happened to anyone before?? I’m fairly concerned about this. Thanks Tim
  7. tjb45

    XT600 CAM Timing help....

    It goes something like this I....H..I It originally had the cam timing lined up with the H(which was in the exact middle of the inspection hole), I then moved it one link and the last "I" is now at the start of the inspection hole. Cheers Tim
  8. tjb45

    XT600 CAM Timing help....

    Thanks for that. I've already given it a shot, but found it too hard to correctly distinguish between the two marks... I’ve order a Manual for it now, so hopefully with in a few weeks I’ll be able to see exactly which mark I need to have it lined up on. I found some info on a TT google group site which suggests that it should be lined up with the last I mark. I move it one link to get it closes to that mark, but it doesn’t line up exactly right, The mark is now just visible in the inspection hole. I took it for a ride and it “seems” to got a bit better, but is hard to tell. I’m thinking it needs to move one more link to get the mark to line up in the middle of the inspection hole, but I’m not all that keen to move it two links in either direction in case I’m wrong. Thanks for the help. Tim
  9. I'm just trying to check the cam timing on my XT600. Currently when the cam gear marks are lined up with the top of the head, there is a mark which looks like an "I" on it side visible in the inspection hole on the crank gear. Does anyone know if this is correct?? I've been told it should be lined up with a "T" but I cant see a T anywhere as I crank it over.. Cheers Tim