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  1. edsjr

    Top 10 mods for kx100?!?!

    1. suspension setup, with aftermarket link 2. ditch the stock 100 cylinder, have an 85 cylinder bored 3. check porting on cylinder, clean it up 4. Boyesen Rad Valve (tried both) 5. case matching, I took off about 2mm from each side of the case 6. sunoco 110 mixed 50/50 with 93 shell, 32:1 with quality oil 7. bars that fit you 8. PC powervalve (havent tried it but heard they are awesome)
  2. edsjr

    KX85 --> KX100 Conversion

    fwiw.....Pro Circuit runs the 85 CDI on AC's SuperMini. We tested both and for MX the 85 one was the better one for us and our setup
  3. edsjr

    Illinois State Capitol On Wednesday

    I contacted our local Springfield television station
  4. edsjr

    Illinois State Capitol On Wednesday

    as far as I know the only "groups" involved are ABATE and the AMA We need as many young riders there to influence the legislators as possible. Groups dont vote, people do so we need voters there.
  5. We are meeting at Halls Cycles on Wednesday, 7AM to go to the capitol to show opposition on Representative Flowers bill to ban kids from riding. Please, we need as many parents and kids there as possible....the legislators need to have a visual. This bill is scheduled to be discussed in committee at 8am on that day. Transportation to and from the capitol will be provided. pm me if you need more info.