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  1. High mountains, rocks and tree roots, great single track!
  2. cobry

    Grand Mesa / Vega area

    Thanks... ATV trails are better than nothin... I think we will go and check the area above Vega out. They (boys) just need to log some miles before summer, they love GJ airport area and Goblin and Rabbit Valleys, just getting a bit hot for them... Plus I have a new KTM that needs some mud and rocks! Thanks Bry
  3. cobry

    Grand Mesa / Vega area

    Now that it's to hot in the GJ area and snow up high, we are loking for some single track or atv trails... I would like to take my boys (12 & 13) out and do some single track, looking at a map I noticed there are some trails above Vega Res. that might be freee of snow. I have never been in that area before. Any input on that area or the Mesa would be great! Thanks Bryan
  4. Hey, I'm going to have my forks and shock rebuilt and/or revalved. I'm sort of leary of having them relaved because of the multi-areas in ride in, I know they can be made to work better for enduros or mx type, but stock they work fairly well as is. If they were to be re-valved could they come out a bit softer for planted rocks and still be firm for other types of riding... I'm 6'4 /187lbs. I sent $750 on my '01 yz426 to make it work as well as this is stock! thanks bryan
  5. cobry

    value of a '04

    Yea that is what I thought... I found a low hour '05, but I will just have a great time on my '04.
  6. cobry

    value of a '04

    Ok a question for all of you... we have 8 bikes right now so I'm thinking about selling 2 of them and get a new one. What do you think I could get for my '04 crf... has only about 50 -60 hours & 1 enduro. IMS tank, FMF mega bomb w/ti Q (also full stock w/pmb s/a) , HC #1, BRP 22 off clamps and bars, pegs and, chain. the valves are @.011 & .006 and have not ever moved... think I could get 4300 to 4500... or sould I part it out?
  7. cobry

    Is hone job needed for piston replacement?

    Thanks for all the great info!
  8. cobry

    Is hone job needed for piston replacement?

    Hey I have a question, I have put a few motors togather, I try keeping the cylinder dry and just a dab of assy. lube on the skirt while keeping the lube below the oil rings... is this what you mean by "dry"? Back in my youth when building race motor for cars "Total Seal" rings were all the rage... we were able to get as low as 2-3% cylinder leakage... does anyone know what #s a fresh 450 is on leak down gauge?
  9. cobry

    Taller Bars

    I also have the pro taper KX high, very little sweep, love them!!
  10. cobry

    big bore vs higher compression

    Anybody out there have 40 to 50 hours of use on a Athena 488 or Wiseco 500 kit? I will keep this bike a few more years... so I can justify putting some money in to it.
  11. cobry

    big bore vs higher compression

    Thanks a lot for all of the great info... I will just go witha 13.5 je piston. Bryan
  12. cobry

    big bore vs higher compression

    Thanks for the reply...yes the Q realy took away low end. I'm sure I may be faster using a stop watch, but I miss the fun factor... now it's very 2 stroke like. I do ride a couple of time a year at about 1500 ft... would a 14:1 piston be fine with race gas?
  13. I have an 04 450 with a stage 1 cam, the engine is stock other than that. I have recently purchased a FMF Qti which has substantially lessened the low end torque. I loved the power of the stock muffler and am at the point where I probably need to do the valves and stick a new piston in it. The way I see it, I have the option of going 13.5 piston or the Athena big bore kit. The lowest elevation I ride at is about 5500 ft and then, of course, all the way to 12,000 ft. I also ride mostly single track and enduros. So, with cost in mind, will the higher compression come close to equaling the torque of the big bore kit? If anybody has ridden bikes back-to-back, big bore vs compression, how do they compare? Thanks for your input!! Bry
  14. cobry

    756... tree roots, rocks and mud

    Thanks, Well I think I will try a 120/90-19 756... I have a new wider 90/100-21 742 on the front and love it so far. Much better than the 80/100. thanks Bryan