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    Just got back from a weekend at Coal Creek. 1st time there. Spent 2 days riding and only saw 1 other bike. 90% side by sides, 9% 4x4 quads, 1% sport quads (the 5 guys in my group). TONS of trails, but VERY VERY rocky. We hit one trail that was impassable and we had to turn around. Our group has done Brimstone for the past couple years and we've really grown accustomed to the amenities there - secluded, very nice cabins with full kitchens. I felt like Coal Creek is a few steps below Brimstone. It also didn't seem very sport quad or bike friendly. At Brimstone, side by sides are quick to move to the side of the trail and let bikes and quads pass. Not at Coal Creek. The location of the camp is a bit unfortunate. It's at the south end of the trails, so you end up hitting the same trails a bunch just coming and going, but the far west and far north trails remain untouched for the most part. I didn't like having to ride 2 miles @ 5-10 mph just to get to the trails. Not sure if we'll be heading back. For the same price, we can get a full cabin with TV, full kitchen, and multiple bathrooms. And we won't have to worry about the park security guard yelling at us for riding or bikes @ 4 mph over the speed limit.