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  1. Downfast

    01 CR 125 Mid - Top end sputter

    For anyone that comes across this post i have fixed the problem. I pretty much dismantled the entire ignition system and cleaned everything and re asembled it. I did so much at one time that i can't pin point the fix exactly but i think it was a grounding issue with the coil. There was lot's of corrosion on the coil mounts and on the coil it's self. there was also a bit of rust on the fly wheel do to moisture in the side cover I removed the fly wheel and stator and cleaned everything with electrical contact cleaner and scrubed the little bit of rust off with a scotch bright pad then reassembled everyting. The bike run's strong now and i hope this post can help someone else down the road with a simular problem.
  2. Downfast

    01 CR 125 Mid - Top end sputter

    The pipe is somewhat gunked up but nothing that i could see that should affect the power that much. I am leaning more towards a bad coil or bad pick up on the stator.
  3. I have an 01 CR125 I just bought the bike for a steal of a deal figureing i could fix this problem. I have no history on the bike other than it didn't run right. I just replaced the top end so i have maybe 30 min on it. The problem is the motor is flat = no mid to top end power. It pulls ok up till maybe 1/4 to 1/3 throttle then it falls flat on its face. If i roll on to the throttle it pull's better than just twisting wide open and once the Rpm's come up to 3/4 throttle it starts to sputter on and off the power. I can tell the power is there because when it is sputtering it pull's hard then fall's off and it happen's fairly rappidly. Any other idea's would be greatly appreciated!! I have tried. jetting up and down from 380- 320 eliminating the power valve (as in keeping it in the wide open position.) Ithought the PV govenor was faulty Checked the Reeds Changed the plug Fresh fuel
  4. Downfast

    KTM timing procedure

    here is a link to a previous post that i had found. i am doing the top end on my 07 250 sxf also. so i hope this will help. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=600567&highlight=cam+timing
  5. Downfast

    no spark on 01 RM 250

    Thanks for all the advice! I will try taking the cap off the plug wire and check for spark but i just replaced the coil and cap. i have checked continuitey thru the cap it'self and thru the coil. all that stuff seem's to be good. Does anybody know what kind of voltage the sator should be pushing?
  6. Downfast

    no spark on 01 RM 250

    i have disconnected that and check it. but it is the same.... I checked the voltage again and i am only getting 5-6 volt's. so i am not sue if the stator is bad. Does anybody have the voltage spec's or olm spec's??
  7. Downfast

    no spark on 01 RM 250

    i am doing some work for a friend of mine that is on a budget. I have tried trouble shooting the issue but have came up empty handed. the bike has a new stator, coil, and cdi box. The problem is i do not have a service manual to refrence. I thought i had traced the prob to the coil but that is not the issue. I am getting 10-13 volts to the coil but i am not getting any spark. Any idea's or advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance.
  8. Downfast

    Good Deal on Valves??

    I need to have my valves adjusted the bike is hard to start and it has 80hrs on it. How much would this cost and what is a good deal price wise??
  9. Downfast

    Intake Valve Hitting piston !!!

    The prob is it's a friends bike and he bent a valve. He took it to a guy and the guy changed the valve but the bike never ran after that and now im like the thrid person to work on this bike and my friend dosn't know what the first guy did to it orginaly but as far as i know the cam piston and head are stock for the 88 takagawa kit. the only thing changed was the valves and I am wondering if the intake valve is to long and is hiting the piston because of it's length.
  10. I am working on a bike with a Takag 88 kit on it and the valves have been changed. The prob is the intake valve is hitting the piston and locking the motor! I have played with the cam timing advancing the cam and also retarding the cam by one tooth in either direction but the problem persists. I have re alinged the keyway and the 0 on the cam gear several times and came up with the same prob. So the question is What is the correct Overall length of the Intake valve? From bottom flange to the top of the rod. If anybody has any idea's on what could be the prob it would be a big help!! Thanks Curtis
  11. Downfast

    Motor timing??

    it is the Takega. And what i was going off of was the info my friend past on to me. He Had Ty Davis's Mechanic do the head work and one of his other friends do the assembly so Im not shure what the deal is on it. I am gonna go out there and put the head now and see what's the prob. Thanks for the info tho.
  12. Downfast

    Motor timing??

    I am working on a Friends Super mini. It's a 88 race head and stuff. Well the problem is he had somebody else put larger valves in it and put the motor back together. Now the problem is I think the valve's are hitting the piston and binding up the motor so it can not turn over. My Question is How to get the side cover off to see the timing gear and How to match the Cam with the crank. Also if anybody knows what the tolorances are for Int & Ext on the cam? Another thought.... if their are larger valves in the head is there pistons that are clearanced for this??? Any Help would be great Thanks!!
  13. Downfast

    I've Got Motor Prob's!!!

    I have a Friend that has a 450f and he installed the oil filter backward and Rode almost a tank and a half before hearing the noise. Now there is a loud knocking/ tapping like the valves are out of adjustment. I have pulled the motor down and checked the valves they seem to be close in tolerances but completely opposite of what the owners manual Say's. ( like the intake measure what the exhaust should and exhaust measure what the intake should) I am assuming that the valves towards the exhaust(Front of Bike) are the exhaust valves is this correct?? And if anybody has any Idea's what the tapping/ Knocking is it would be a great help.
  14. Downfast

    Black Excels

    any body know if you can lace excels straight to stock spokes and hubs? it's a 06' kxf 450 the help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  15. Downfast

    Rod Knock?

    I bought a 05' CRF 450 about 2 months ago and the bike had 30min on it. when i started it it has what i would call a rod knock. now the bike has 30hrs on it. Is this normal for the 450's to be noisy? plus the bike burns about a 1/8 qt oil every 3/5 hard hours on the track. if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated!!