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  1. Haya everyone, we've completed our expedition in the UAE desert. here are some notes taken during the trip to share the adventure. cheers!
  2. Hi, We've decided to put online our waypoints and tracks from Morocco.
  3. Yamaha
  4. Thanks. Feel free to contact us for any comments sugestions or so.
  5. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Haya everyone, We are opening our new website to share a bit of adventure. you wil find there pics, reports and videos of our previous trip as well as the preparation of our future trips We will also post some itinerary and waypoint for those who wants to follow our tracks in Morocco or in the UAE
  6. Thanks for your comment
  7. Hi! We have updated our website with the video!! The quality is much better that on youtube...
  8. There is absolutely no problem. We have a lot of waipoint tracks and all since we are going to morocco for the past four years. Just contact us whenever you need you'll find our contact on our web site.
  9. Hi here is a short video about our trip!
  10. Hi everyone, we have updated our web site with some pictures of our trip to Morocco. Feel free to contact us if we can share some info about it!! Franck
  11. Let us know if you need waypoints and tracks for to do this ride. We got about 3000km of trails in Morocco!! Enough to spend good time over there. Soon We'll update the site with some cool pics. Franck
  12. Hi everyone, We just come back from our trip to morocco with our DRz 400 E. great bike!!! francky
  13. Hi guys, I'm selling an almost brand new Garmin GPS 60cs. 300 euros includind shipment cost. Contact me at: franck5(at)
  14. Hey try here they have something.
  15. Ouch! Morocco and algeria ok Go accross Libya? I don't know if it's possible (I mean safe)