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  1. HOSER1000

    SSR 125-B2+ or Pitster X2M

    I am debating in which of these is the best as far as reliability, options, best bang for buck and power. I plan on doing mini-moto so I would change the front on the SSR to a 12" with SM tires so both would end up being around the same price. I am just looking for some opinions on which to go with. Thanks!
  2. HOSER1000

    KLX 110 suspension changes

    I got some KLX 110 forks with BBR springs and Damping Rods I need to get rid of if your interested. No clamps just the forks with the internals already installed.
  3. HOSER1000

    Budget KLX110 suspension upgrades

    I would like to get $150 + shipping. I paid $170 + Shipping for the rods and springs so basically I am giving the forks away. They have about 2 hours of time on them with no leaks. You can always make some money back by selling your forks on Ebay also. I don't know how to post a picture on here but I can e-mail you the pics if your still interested or you can see them here if the link works: http://www.planetminis.com/classifieds/30957-klx110-stuff-for-sale.htm?highlight=klx110
  4. HOSER1000

    Budget KLX110 suspension upgrades

    I replaced my front forks with Shrivers and have my stock KLX forks for sale. They already have BBR Dampening rods and Aggressive Springs installed.
  5. HOSER1000

    KX65 12" front wheel on KLX110

    doesn't the KX60 use drum brakes?
  6. HOSER1000

    KX65 12" front wheel on KLX110

    Can a 12" wheel be converted to fit a KX65 front end on a KLX110? Basically I am wondering if the 12"x 2.15" wide rim would lace up to a KX65 hub and still be usable and not intefere with the disc brake. I already bought the KX forks and only really ride supermoto so I don't need knobbies and would like to fit a TT91 on the front. I am currently running a 14" Michelin pilot on the stock KLX front rim with little to no room between the fork seal covers.
  7. HOSER1000

    KLX110 Engine Kit and gas

    Thinking about getting the Kitaco 143SE kit for my 110 but it doesn't give the compression ratio. Powroll is the only site I have seen that lists what gas to run so I am wondering if I would need to run race gas, pump gas or a combo of the two? I am primarliy interested in a kit that will run fine off of 93 octane. Any suggestions?
  8. HOSER1000

    KLX 110 12" front wheel? Motard

    I just put a 14" Michelin Pilot SC on the front stock rim and it worked fine for me. It did barely rub on the right side a little on the dust cap for the forks, but after one supermoto event it has worn it down and fine now. I got them from www.americanmototire.com. I also got the Pilot SC 12" for the rear and once they warmed up I was slamming it down pretty hard in the corners with excellent grip. If you put a 12" rim on the front get a 1.6" KX60 rear rim ($50 from bikebandit), Spoke kit from Buchanan Spokes $65 and then the tire. I saved about $100 and time just using the stock 14" rim.
  9. HOSER1000

    Street tires on a KLX110

    Does the stock tire have a tube inside and if I were to place a Michelin Pilot SC on the stock rim does it still use the tube? Stupid question but deciding if I need to go to the shop to have them mount the tires or if it is as easy as changing a bicycle tire.
  10. HOSER1000

    Motard Tires for 14" rim

    Where can I buy street (motard) tires for my stock KLX rims. Size 14 front rim and size 12 rear? I found some 12" slicks but cannot seem to find any 14's anywhere.