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  1. ljphair

    Sat. morning mx at Aztec this weekend?

    Of course it is not the same price. Just like when Aztec or any other tracks holds a sanctioned event the price is not the same as Wednesday Night or Winter Combat races, but you already knew that didn't you.
  2. ljphair

    Sat. morning mx at Aztec this weekend?

    This one is RMXA. It is Round 1 of the D-25 series so it should be a good turn out.
  3. ljphair

    Sat. morning mx at Aztec this weekend?

    There is a MX race a Wildrat on Sunday and a Prepped Practice on Saturday this weekend. If you want to race it is right next to Aztec.
  4. ljphair

    2010 SXF Rear Fender How??

    It looks like the lower bolts are the two I am missing. Thanks.
  5. ljphair

    Considering 450 SX

    I just bough a 2010 450 sxf and it is hands down the best bike I have every ridden. The handling is great no Euro feel at all. The power is deceptive because it is so smooth but it will out pull any stock bike. On top of that you get excel rims, breakaway levers, works caliber breaks, and effectively and aftermarket pipe. I paid $7,500 out the door.
  6. Ok, I must be an idiot because I can figure out how to get the rear fender/number plates of my 2010 450 sxf. I have the seat off and all bolts I can see out. I swear you have to be in Mensa to figure this out. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. ljphair

    Watkins MX track

    Just an FYI Wildrat is also doing a prepped practice on Sunday
  8. ljphair

    I think Fitch has a chance to podium!

    It was great to see Andrew get a sold 2nd. Kyle pull off a top ten. Travis Bannister, Bobby Fitch, and Rustin Meyer all received national points last night in at least one moto. Good job to everyone.
  9. ljphair

    Kahuku Riding Help!!!

    I run Wildrat it is the track that is just north of Aztec in Colorado Springs. We took it over last year. So what part of the island are you on?? If you can help me out I am sure we can work something out. Check out our website.http://www.phantomcanyonriders.com
  10. ljphair

    Kahuku Riding Help!!!

    Ok I will be more blunt I will pay to ride your bike. It will probably not be more than 10-15 laps I just want to ride.
  11. ljphair

    Kahuku Riding Help!!!

    No one willing to help a fellow rider?
  12. ljphair

    SRAC Watkins race

    I guess we are not on the same page. I don't see how the practice issue is addressed? I am sure I am missing something just not sure what it is. Again I too prefer a split program but an all day program does buy your more time and more flexibility. Either way it should be fun and the remaining races out there will be split day most likely. Have Fun.
  13. ljphair

    SRAC Watkins race

    To be honest I don't see asking soneone to show up for practivce and then wait for the morning session to be over and then they can go out and race at least that is what I am getting from your suggestion. As for the 20 minutes motos down to 10 minutes motos that is due to the excessive number of classes. Colorado regularly pull 600+ riders to races and they finshed on time with the pros getting 20 minutes plus a lap, B's 15 plus 1 and Novice 10 plus 1, but that was before 42 classes were on the program.
  14. ljphair

    SRAC Watkins race

    The all day program allows you to consolidate about 4 practices. That is the main benefit. That equates to 40-50 minutes and this time of year that is a big deal. Also on the split day the afternoon group will always get the short end of the stick if there are injuries or other things that would delay the schedule. That is basic reasons why to do an all day program.
  15. ljphair

    SRAC Watkins race

    No use debating it I guess, but it does by time. That is the benefit of the all day program. It is fact. If you want look me up this weekend I will explain but it not worth boring anyone else on Thumpertalk with this debate. I just wanted to let people know what was going on this coming weekend and why Donny chose to do it that way. Like I said I too prefer split day, but for this time of year an all day program does give you the best chance of having everyone get full motos. Cheers hope to see everyone at the track.