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  1. Am I the only one who sees the irony in this? It’s dented up and been welded on, so you your going to build a Jethro’s special. It’s going to be made of a couple of juice cans with neighbor-welds every few inches on the pipe… Call me crazy but, I suspect those juice cans will be more likely to get dented than what you already have. In fact, I’m thinking that not only crashes and rocks, but also dirt/mud slung off the tire will beat those juice cans into submission within a ride or two. I can see that it would be a fun project, but if how the current pipe looks is the real reason you’re doing it… I think you need to second guess yourself.
  2. So what is the dollar amount someone has to give you per $1000 you spend with them? Is it a formula or what? I didn't realize I was receiving such poor customer service! Looking back... wow... Dodge, Toyota, Kroger, and Kawasaki owe me a lot of free stuff. Man, the list goes on and on, my local hospital, the orthopedic specialist, BP and Texaco, Budweiser, Coke... I’ve been getting totally hosed! I'm not getting my free stuff from a ton of places/companies that I’ve spent thousands with/on! Seriously, I assume you have shopped with the same place for so many bikes because they were the lowest priced or best service place you had encountered up till this happened. Well, when you spend money you get something in return, if not you should go someplace else. They have always done their part of the deal or you wouldn't have gone there to make the purchase in the first place. Them not giving you a free item does not constitute poor customer service. They are the ones being done a disservice by you making this post. You're trying to damage their reputation and take away their business because they wouldn't give you something for free. Go buy it someplace else. Hopefully, seeing as how $18 can almost break you, the next closest place won't want $200 more for the same bike.
  3. J in GA

    Oh my god, parents don't understand

    Thump it, while I agree with you that it would be nice to see better punctuation and spelling on TT, punctuation is for complete sentences. So maybe you should take another look at your post.
  4. J in GA

    Who uses their kill switch?

    Careful, you don't want Dimebag230 mad at you. He's going to be making your Big-Mac one of these days.
  5. Just get a plug hot in someone else's bike, quickly put it in yours, and kick.
  6. J in GA

    Buying a bike with a lein on it

    IMHO even this is not good enough. If the guy turns out to be shady then once the lien holder sends him the title he can claim the bike as his. It doesn't matter who pays it off they will send whoever is on the lien paperwork the title after it is paid for. Some hand-written bill of sale won't hold up to the actual title for ownership if you end up in court. Both of you need to get with the lien holder and have all the paperwork changed so it's in your name. If he's not willing to do this then do not buy from him. Also, never use cash for a largish purchase, use a check or at the very least a money-order so you have some proof if things become messy.
  7. J in GA

    Buying a bike with a lein on it

    Valerie is correct. If the bike is the collateral for the loan they have the right to repossess it if the person doesn’t pay the loan off. More importantly, if there is a lien on the bike the seller doesn’t have the title to give you, the bank does. The lien holder may let you take over payments, if your credit is good enough. Also consider, the lien is probably through a dealer ship or the manufacturer. Most banks won’t take an offroad bike as collateral because it’s so easy to mess one up. Banks would do it as a personal loan. Loans through a dealer or manufacturer often have high interest rates so get ALL the info if you’re still considering buying. PS If it’s an 06 or 07 bike it may have a lower interest now but may be going up soon or accrued interest may get dumped on the current total.
  8. J in GA

    Are dirtbikers scary?

    Keeping your helmet on while paying for gas is understandable, but the dorcus maximas mentioned above was waiting in line to buy food. I'm guessing his meal ended up consisting of fries. He could lift his face shield a half inch and poke them through to his mouth.
  9. I check to be sure no little kids are in veiw. If not I just change, if so I'll put the truck between us and change. As to the thong... I can't imagine even walking in one much less riding.
  10. J in GA

    Financing and APR?

    Make sure interest doesn't accrue.(sp?) This would mean the interest is adding up and by the time you start making payments, or try to pay in full after 11 months, the ballance will be much higher than you think. Also, make sure it is a set interest rate. If it's not set the 5% or so can change to 10% or more. If you have halfway decent credit you'de probably do better dealing with your personal bank rather than the sellers.
  11. J in GA

    A nice offer for my bike for sale ad

    As it is a movie... maybe he'll be willing to buy the 200hp nitros kit you had custom made for it, and the full body wrap airbags may come in handy as well. In Canada they may not have anyone who can crome the tires. Crome tires would give the movie some class. See how big you can get your fake check before he calls BS.
  12. Something that occurred to me... When I was 18 and, driving a 'cuda that got about 10 miles to gallon, regular cost ninety cents to a dollar. Mid grade cost a dollar to a dollar ten, and premium cost one dollar ten to one dollar twenty. About a month ago I was getting regular gas for three dollars. The mid-grade was three ten, and the premium was three twenty. So percentage wise, premium costs less now than it did back then. Premium used to cost about twenty percent more than regular, and now it's closer to six percent more. How's that for a useless bit of gas related information. No it doesn't have much/anything to do with this thread... But c'mon, where else could I possibly post that?
  13. If I ever get something for offroad use with 4-wheels, it will be this. http://www.drakart.com/tornado.html
  14. J in GA

    what do you think?!?!?

    I think you should invest HEAVILY in medical insurance. You may be the most mature 16 year old in the world, but that won't stop some girl who's putting on her make up from pulling out in front of you. Of my friends and I who ride/have ridden street bikes... I'd say more than 75% of our wrecks were caused by someone else. Personally, I don't believe any 16 year old should be on a street bike of any type. You need a couple of years of road time under your belt. On the street speeds are much faster than on the trail or track. You will have way less reaction time, way longer stopping distance needed, and way less room for maneuvers when the shtuff hits the fan. Maybe you should look up the percentage of permanent damage/fatal street bike wrecks compared to dirt bike wrecks.