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  1. oneloosecat

    2013 KX250F! I want one!

    Im excited to own one of these for sure, been awhile since ive been this excited for a new bike
  2. I will never buy another injected ktm im one of three guys with major dramas all year
  3. Hi guys, I have recently purchased a 2011 ktm250sxf of a mate who was about to trade it, Basically the bike is bogging/breaking down around half throttle at first I thought fuel pump or injector, no big deal but we have checked the following, fuel filter, fuel pump, injector, hooked it up to a ktm diagnostics thingy at the ktm dealership all sensors were cleared re set and without a fault.. Thought ok must be an ecu glitch.. got a vortex no help.. all electronics have been checked, injector flow tested.. it just feels like it breaks down after half throttle oh, tps replaced, new plug and plug lead... The bike has 25 hours, has had a rebuild and had been running its very strange, we even checked the timing incase they had done valves before I had picked it up, I am lost a mechanic is lost on it and he seems to have checked all the general things and bigger.. Anyone know of any dramas I might have overlooked.. I have 6300 worth of junk sitting in a workshop any help would be appreciated..
  4. oneloosecat

    Advice for the new 2011 450r

    all they do at a dealership is throw the handle bars on and front wheel... honda uses descent grease i always pull my bike apart after 10-15 hours and re do it, definetly going to try change the clutch though this one is way worse than my 09, or my suzuki spoilt me
  5. oneloosecat

    Clutch for 09 450 need help

    were do you guys buy your hinsons from? i was going to try a framebreaker kit but i dont want to waste money and just do it right first time
  6. oneloosecat

    Every Problem in the Book with My 09 crf450

    Working in a honda dealership for 3 years and having a friend who is a privateer racing nationals i can tell you this from his 09... Fuel pump shit itself after 50 hours... since learnt to change the filters, Blew a Crank at 140 hours... Changed the valve shims twice in 230 hours.. Bike still run good when it was sold. 2010 bikes are better and have atleast 70 hours on them without major problems vortex ignition has shit itself, kill switch has had water in it causing it to short out I now have a 2011 and think the clutch is even worse than 09/10 but i have no idea why,
  7. oneloosecat

    2011 rmz 450

    I make near 70k with commission selling bikes... which is probably equal to 50k us.. I would love to spend some time in America but trying to find a job there would be uselss at the moment!
  8. oneloosecat

    2011 rmz 450

    I sell bikes in Australia and at the moment they are cheap so many good deals going but compared to america it sucks, but wages would be different aswell... whats the average wage over there?
  9. oneloosecat

    2011 rmz 450

    ha ha yeah you can keep him,
  10. oneloosecat

    2011 rmz 450

    Yeah its aussie dollars, and yes the american version will be the same haha we arent some weird allien nation that gets odd stuff...
  11. oneloosecat

    2011 rmz 450

  12. oneloosecat

    2011 rmz 450

    Hey... So far the dealer press release didnt mention anything new, they are out in australia this month, Ill be keeping my 10 for abit longer i think
  13. oneloosecat

    2009/2010 CRF450R Clutch fix?

    Hey guys, I know MXAction mag did a review but my gf threw it out, Im looking to fix the crap standard clutch, Can I go straight back to the 08? Whats involved any help is appreciated thanks!
  14. oneloosecat

    Please tell me this guy is not serious.

    that thing is so cool, where i live in aus its cool to see an f250 rolling around.. i see like one a day if i moved state side id want that. even if its not practical im sure i could use it to pull girls, i dont even think id have to leave my driveway,
  15. oneloosecat

    Where does Reed stand?

    reed would be leading the sx points series if the ama hadnt reversed the penalty on rc and in my opinion they only did bcoz rc pretty much said he is done with it and they didnt want to risk loosing rc next yr as a potential rider who makes them alot of money through fans and supporters, now rc told them to pretty much jam it and i think its unfair that reed and stewart have had fuel issues and taken it on the chin now im not bashing rc but im simply stating until he is 25points infront its reeds championship. as for outdoors byrne is a fourstroke rider from australia and he is finally on one my bet is he will go top 3, he won a few aussie championships on a xr650... ha ha no really he did.