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    250 or 450?

    This may be a bit premature but I'll update after this Thursday I'm of a similar age and sound to be of similar ability and experience. I just got rid of my R1 that I was very comfortable on but tired of the squids, cops, and insurance rates. I own an '04' YZ450F and have for about a year, prior to that I had a WR400 that I did mostly trails on. I bought the 450 from a buddy for the track but like you doubting whether or not it was the best choice. The low price talked me into going with the 450. For me....it's too much bike on the track. Dunes and desert it's great, but I feel that I'm skipping a crucial step in the MX learning curve with the 450. I don't feel comfortable in the corners and frankly am intimidated by the power over the jumps. The 450 allows you to cheat and the potential to get in over your head. Now I'll be the first to admit that this is due to my lack of skill, however, I've also raced a YFZ450 quad in the amature pro class, so I know my way around the track . All that said, I'm keeping my YZ450 but just bought the CRF250R to ride at the track, just got it 2 days ago and haven't had a chance to get it out there yet so I'll report back after I do. steve
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    I can't decide!

    I'd probably agree if I were keeping my YZ450 but 277 dry and suspension from the 80's? I'm afraid it wouldn't be nimble enough but have to admit I've never ridden one.
  3. This kind of struck me as ironic. You were both defensive about your actions he was just a bit more over the top.
  4. First off, sorry, I know these threads get brought up all the time but I can't seem to sort it all out. Little help please. Currently I have a YZFR1 that I'm not riding...gets me in too much trouble I also have a YZ450 that frankly is too much for me on the track, but fun at the dunes, and needs a 5th for the desert. Have a YFZ450 that suits me fine at the track. I've raced MX on both and am much better on the YFZ and don't have much desire to do anymore dirt track time on 2 wheels. Used to have a WR400 that I got rid of about 9 months ago So, now I'm looking to get rid of the YZ and the R1 and getting a replacement. I've been looking at the CRF450X, WR450F, DRZ400SM. The new bikes primary use will be street, dunes, a maybe some desert, in that order. The DRZ..... +'s already set up for street, like the looks in black with some clean up, better insurance rates -'s worried about the power and weight ?'s can an MX worthy set of wheels be put on it for desert or more importantly can it be setup for dunes and do a decent job of it? The CRF.... +'s I can go down and pick up an 05 tomorrow for about $5500 OTD , everyone seems to be happy with them -'s Little concerned about it being low on power as the R's are already a bit less than what I'm used too, reliability rumors but frequent oil changes are no biggie, all my bikes get them, cost of SM setup, no computer ?'s Can decent street tires be had for the stock wheels? If so, is there much of a disadvantage not having the 17's? I want to be able to back this thing in and drag a knee. Actually not sure which style will suit me more MX or street, but I want the lean angles. (just for fun, no racing) The WR.... +'s Already familiar with, mods are no biggie...been there done that, more power , like the computer -'s Little harder to get, probably more money. Cost of SM setup ?'s WR to get aluminum frame next year? Appreciate any more input on pros and cons. I know they're all good bikes but debating their individual strengths is killing me. Steve