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  1. heimler

    TTR250 Exhaust Question.

    I'm in Australia and use a STAINTUNE muffler that worked wonders but i've heard the T-4 pro circuit is just as good.
  2. heimler

    2006 TTR 250 or 2007 TTR 230

    Go the TTR250 its got the torque for your weight. Stock they r a little tame on power but with a few exhaust mods this bike can really get up and go while the 230 never will. Also the 230's suspension will not handle your weight well if you plan to do some serious riding.
  3. heimler

    TTR-250, stock front tire pressures??

    Stock road pressure for my aussie TTR250 is 18 p.s.i front and 21 p.s.i back but offroad i use 14 p.s.i front and back and it works well and I've never had a pinch flat. I use HD tubes
  4. heimler

    TTR-250 burning oil when cold??? and ticking??

    Apparently if the bike is new the ticking might be the cam chain rubbing on the case gaurd when it is coming of its cog. If this is the problem then it will go away once it wears a groove. You could open the case though and file it back where you see the rubbing marks
  5. heimler

    TT-R 250 owners caution!!!!!

    Yeah first time I oil changed I did it too. If u read the service manual the torque rating for the part is 12nm and thats about a 1/4 turn past finger tightness so no more than that or it will fail
  6. heimler

    How do you know?

    I have heard that low quality unleaded fuel can cause the plug to always get a dusting of carbon causing it to turn black. This can happen when the bike is running fine so reading plug colours can be tricky when using low quality unleaded
  7. heimler

    what you think of pro taper se bars

    I use Pro Taper 7/8s and have dropped the bike hard a few times and never bent them
  8. heimler


    Yes an investment in a Aftermarket muffler, New handle bars, Air filter, Sparkplug, Dirt Tyres & removal of the header pipe donut restrictor by cutting it out is the go. This will make your smile a mile wide and is well worth the $$$$
  9. heimler

    TTR225, TTR230, TTR250 Which one?

    The 250 is the go if u want enough power so u dont have to upgrade for a while
  10. heimler

    stripped oil drain plug

    I did the same thing and had 2 options drill down the bolt and insert an easy out or get a mate to weld a new head on I went with the latter option and it worked fine but took some time and would of cost $100 in a shop
  11. heimler

    Engine Ice

    The don't not dilute warning is so people dont put tap water in. If u use distilled water to dilute its fine but u will lower the boiling point of the coolant signifigantly so its best to use the predetermined ratio as it has been tested
  12. heimler

    ttr 250 mods??

    Looked into the 325 bore kit and reliability can be damaged in the conversion so I will pass on that as reliability was a big selling point on the bike for me + If ur gonna mod the bike that much u may as well have bought a wr250 it would be cheaper and faster. Aparently it rips an xr400 when its bored out though.
  13. heimler

    ttr 250 mods??

    I know my pilot jet is a 50 and my float level is set to 29-30mm but im not sure of the needle or main jets
  14. I keep my old bikes around to get others into riding if I want to go for a ride I can rip the old beasts out and put a whole crew together from my own shed.
  15. heimler

    Trail bike 200-250cc

    TTR250 over a XR250 I own both and the TTR wins on all acounts it has better shocks an electric start and is generally not as expensive to buy the power and weight are nearly the same on both bikes.