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  1. You can install a time-sert thread insert as well.
  2. Pull the valve cover off, cover it with a plastic bag and tape it on. Come in from the right side of the bike at an angle. Just be careful you don't damage anything since you have the valve cover off.
  3. Washington

    I've been a member here for a while, and this is not the first we've brought this subject up. I have 2 bikes that are currently plated, but I'm afraid of losing the plates when I go in to renew the tags. We all know that our bikes are more efficient environmentally friendly so on so on than any 4 wheeled vehicle on the road. The question is, are we going to stop talking about it and do something, and where should we start. This is a serious issue and we need to treat it as such. And I'm sure there are some of you that have taken action, and what I ask is that you pass along what you have done and what the rest of us can do. I'm not going to stand aroung with my head in the sand any longer. Jonny
  4. Washington

    Anyone want to ride GP? northend or southend, don't matter to me.
  5. So where can I find a flyer. The website doesn't appear to be current. I'm thinking I might try the ironman, but if anyone needs a rider for their team, I may be down for that.
  6. its actually a cr250. the 450 has a longer range between fuel-ups, so that will likely be the bike I ride. I would like lights on the 2t for the dunes though.
  7. Thanks for the input. Talking to trailtech, they don't have anything for my 2T. They suggested the X2 with their stator+flywheel+battery for the 450.
  8. Is anyone running the Trailtech X2 HID on their bike? I'm just wondering if it would be a sufficient light for night racing.
  9. I would go Tom, but I will still be at my heli-rappel academy on the 6th. I would like to get together sometime this summer and have you show me the southend trails, I'm getting burned out on jones creek after only 3 rides there.
  10. Yes, it was a great day of riding. A little advice to those wanting to pack a saw with them, build a mount on the bike, don't carry it on a stupid packboard. Man what a pain in the a$$. See you on the trail.
  11. I went through there about a month ago heading up to orr creek, and there was not much snow on the ground until I hit the 56 road at adams fork. Almost nothing in the timber and just a little in the ditch. It snowed a little since then, but I think the trail will be clear by now.
  12. It's supposed to be in the 70's and sunshine, everyone should try to make it out there. If folks want to carpool, I have three empty seats, and plenty of room for bikes and gear. We can meet out by I-5 on HWY 12 and save you about 150 miles of driving.
  13. I sent emails to my to reps today and received a positive reply from rep. ed orcutt. Here is what he wrote... Jonathan, As I was reading your e-mail, I had two thoughts: It is totally inappropriate for us to take funds away from off-road recreation accounts to balance this budget when you are already getting only a portion of the money you should be getting since not all of the gas tax money from the fuel used for off-road vehicles goes into the account; and That is a sneaky way to try to use gas tax money for operating which would seem to violate the 18th amendment. You know I am oppose to this approach to balancing the budget that never should have gotten this far out of balance -- and wouldn't have been if the budget writers had listened to us in past years. I'll do what I can to prevent this theft of money from the NOVA account. Ed
  14. I was up at orr creek a week ago snowmobiling. The valley trail has no snow on it, and I didn't see much blowdown, should be a quicker trail clearing than 2007. There's more than 8' of snow in the chain of lakes area, a pretty good snowpack considering. I'm planning on being up there this week sometime, and I'll be coming from the couv with room to spare.
  15. Pro Motion in Vancouver. That's where I'm sending my crf450 suspension. The owner seems like a great guy, he took the time to explain the ins and outs of shock servicing and re-valving, and his turnaround time is pretty fast compared to other places I've checked.