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  1. Ricky450F

    Lets see some bike set up for the dunes

    Desert season is almost here!
  2. Ricky450F

    dune pics from aussie

    That sand looks like powder
  3. For the fun.. For the moist dunes For the day trips.. For the air time And because she's soo pretty lol
  4. Ricky450F

    Best lookin YAMAHA

    Glamis time woot, woot!
  5. Ricky450F

    SAND SHREDDING!!! pic or videos

    Glamis season is finally here. Woot
  6. Ricky450F

    Show me your jump

    Here's me at Glamis. Its a fun step down right next to Gecko Rd. Here's a video of the same jump from a different angle. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUYbX3On5nE
  7. Here are a couple of pics of my bike and I at Glamis.
  8. Ricky450F

    06' YZ450F pics, done for now...

    I like the sand snake right now, I never really have any problems hooking up. After this tire is done I'm going to try the King paddle. The scoops on that tire are huge.
  9. Ricky450F

    06' YZ450F pics, done for now...

    Thanks guys for the comments. The mudflap on there right now is already chewed up by the paddle but I have a new waiting to replace it. I was lucky enough to get employees discount on the exhaust system which is why I bought carbon/ti. I just cant get over how good that carbon fiber looks. Now i just have to get it dirty this weekend.
  10. Here are some pics of my bike. Just finished getting it ready for Glamis this season. Just installed the Dr. D Carbon/Titanium and havent had the chance to test ride it yet. Let me know what you guys think.
  11. Ricky450F

    Another Newbie Wheel Question <sigh>

    I just bought a pair of Excel taskagos (sp?) wheels alone in black and relaced them from my stock spokes and hubs. I have an 06 YZ450F so it came stock with the same Excel wheels and everything laced up great using my OEM parts.
  12. Ricky450F

    Another Newbie Wheel Question <sigh>

    Wow that was a dumb question. I completely forgot about that. Thanks for the quick response.
  13. Ricky450F

    Another Newbie Wheel Question <sigh>

    I have a quick question. Will an excel rim and spokes fit a stock hub on an 06 YZ450F?
  14. Ricky450F

    YZF's Only...

    In the MKII MR2 turbos the 3SGTE motor was designed by Yamaha. It says yamaha on the block.
  15. Ricky450F

    YZF's Only...

    Here is my 450f with my 93' MR2 turbo. My two yamahas (the mr2 motor was built by yamaha)