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  1. aussiefletch


    well it seems the dry sump is better then, so why would, for example Jay Marmont convert his yzf to a wet sump?
  2. aussiefletch

    hot oil

    That makes sense, I suppose there's less viscosity when the oil is warm and therefore flows better. Thanks for the info.
  3. aussiefletch


    What's the difference between a wet sump and a dry sump and why do pro racers convert their bikes to wet sump?
  4. aussiefletch

    hot oil

    Why do manuals state the engine and oil must be warm before draining the oil? Surely if the oil has been sitting for a while,therefore cold, any debris or metal filings will sink to the bottom and come out the drain hole easier, or be in the filter/mesh screen. If you warm up the engine before draining the oil then the debris could get circulated round the engine again and rest in a crevice somewhere. Confuesd!!! Any advice would be appreciated
  5. aussiefletch

    Ignition mapping

    G'day All, I was after more "grunt" on my 2010 'Berg 450, I already have the map switch but was wondering if it's worthwhile and possible to get the dealer to change the ignition curve to give me more torque out of corners as I'm not much of a revver? Thanks Fletch
  6. aussiefletch

    Home Tyre Grooving

    If I cut a slit in a tyre, say 4-5mm(0.16-0.2 inches) deep with a hacksaw, will it give me extra grip? Will the knobs become too flexible and therefore "give" rather than grip?
  7. aussiefletch

    Rekluse auto clutch questions

    What about if you want to hop over a log, hoisting the front hoop with a dump of clutch?
  8. aussiefletch

    Oil Pressure

    Being a fan of fresh oil in my 04 450f, I have done many quick oil changes just in a "f**k it, it's good for the bike" mentality before going for a ride.I generally measure how much oil comes out and put in the same quantity, when I check the dipstick sometimes the level is a little low or high, is this detremental to the bike? I'm not too worried about a little low but will too much oil cause excessive pressure and blow seals? Thanks Fletch
  9. aussiefletch

    supermoto wr?

  10. aussiefletch

    supermoto wr?

    How come you didn't go a big caliper? Using the original front brake caliper on a bracket will see it overheating, therefore fading:cry: .
  11. aussiefletch

    Handful of BB's

    Yep, got a rattling ball as well, only bothers me when I'm cleaning the bike (ie spinning back wheel to clean).
  12. aussiefletch

    2008 Must do mods, setup and possible problems

    Gees, can't believe the problems you guys are having off a marque such as husqvarna,I set my heart on buying a new Te450 mid year but am doubtful now, I have had a 2004 wr450f since new and had no problems with it but think the current one a bit bland and also like the idea of FI. The KTM 450exc would be good but am worried about resale value as they will soon be bringing out an FI model as the new Husaberg will be injected and comes out of the same factory and so they will be a sort of test bench for the KTM. The problems seem to be a lot of small, niggly quality related issues.Lets hope they are resolved soon.
  13. aussiefletch

    Headlight Replacement

    :thumbsup: come again.
  14. aussiefletch

    any aussies?

    I have gone for a larger caliper instead of the relocator and can recommend it highly.
  15. Buy it, it will have been maintained superbly as part of winning/ riding fast requires a well maintained bike. my thruppence