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    Mojave River Water Depth?

    I was there last week and there wasn't all that much water. The crossing by the trestle was actually a little more shallow then usual as the storms washed away a lot of the shrubbery. There was a lot of mud....
  2. I would like to go ride Rattle-Snake Canyon and park on the Pioneer Town side of the Canyon. I would like to park somewhere near where the pavement ends, Rimrock road? Last time I was up there it was posted no parking all along the dirt road. We are not street legal and trying to avoid dragging the trailer on the dirt-road and further than necessary. Any safe parking suggestions? Thanks Dale
  3. I was up that way last year and checked 3 separate times for Green Sticker and spark arrester. I don't have a problem with that. My problem is that a lot of those 4x4's & Jeeps are no way street legal but they get a free pass. As I was being checked one went by us spilling gas from it's illegal bed mounted gas tank. I pointed it out to the Ranger who could care less. How about at least equal enforcement.