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  1. Boosa

    KTM or Husky "OFF-ROAD" bike?

    Ha-ha! My DRZ feels like a tractor pulling up crazy hills....it's aweomse like that! But it also feels like a tractor when I'm trying to keep up with the guys on the KTMs and Huskies
  2. Boosa

    KTM or Husky "OFF-ROAD" bike?

    I'm in the same boat as you sort of. Looking for a smaller, lighter bike, and I'm looking for either a KTM exc or a Husky te - and I've considered the wr, or a yz to put an enduro kit on...or a wr with some yz mods, et cetera.... It's crazy! Honestly, though, I'm looking hard at Husky if I can't find a KTM for a reasonable price.
  3. Boosa

    Riding in Sand - Again

    I ride in sand off and on. We mostly ride tight woods, but sometimes we go to Dyracuse, or are somwhere where it's pretty sandy. When we get in the sand, I usually sit back a bit on the seat when not cornering, but when setting up for a corner or bank I slide up to the tank and get ready to plant my foot if I need to in order to upright or to slide the rear out. Speed is pretty important in the sand. If you slow down too much you'll feel like a tank in quick sand, and you'll find yourself fighting the bike.....off the trail.....into a tree....or two.... :-) Definitely been there at one time or another. :-)
  4. Boosa

    Bark Busters?

    I've got Acerbis on my DRZ and they do protect my hands really well, but the alloy composite of the mounts bends really easy. It's almost like a soft aluminum, it bends so easy. Pretty much every time I crash or fall I have to bend one or the other back down. Two of my buddies have Moose and have yet to bend theirs.
  5. Boosa

    Wisconsin Dual Sport Laws

    Make sure it can be titled. From my experience, if it's already titled through a private seller, or if the dealer sends off for the title, you're good. Horn, headlight, running lights/brake lights, pipe within the decible range and with a spark arrestor, mirrors, speedo. I might be forgetting something?...