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  1. You might want to give Nor-Cal Motorsports a call. They are a Race-Tech dealer and Race-Tech make stuff for H-D. Good luck
  2. 750dark

    02 Drz-s

    Sea level to 4000 feet it seams to be worse at lower elevation.
  3. 750dark

    02 Drz-s

    Burned: Do you have any I what it might be still doing it.
  4. I'm using Renthal Fat Bars Carmichael high with tag risers with no problems.
  5. 750dark

    02 Drz-s

    Worse when hot.
  6. 750dark

    02 Drz-s

    Yes while riding it.
  7. Burned need some jetting help: Just changed my jetting to a 142.5 main jet, 25 pilot jet, 4th clip, 3x3 has been done, 2.75 turns out, running a no toil air filter with a FMF Q pipe. When you whack the throttle it has a poor throttle response.
  8. 750dark

    Passenger pegs for DRZ-400S

    I have a set that I will sale to you for $45.00 with shipping. I'm in California let me know.