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  1. You might want to give Nor-Cal Motorsports a call. They are a Race-Tech dealer and Race-Tech make stuff for H-D. Good luck
  2. Sea level to 4000 feet it seams to be worse at lower elevation.
  3. Burned: Do you have any I what it might be still doing it.
  4. I'm using Renthal Fat Bars Carmichael high with tag risers with no problems.
  5. Worse when hot.
  6. Yes while riding it.
  7. Burned need some jetting help: Just changed my jetting to a 142.5 main jet, 25 pilot jet, 4th clip, 3x3 has been done, 2.75 turns out, running a no toil air filter with a FMF Q pipe. When you whack the throttle it has a poor throttle response.
  8. I have a set that I will sale to you for $45.00 with shipping. I'm in California let me know.