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    Basic setup for an off road bike.

    Hi Dwight, I've searched through entire post and not found any discussion on tire size. Specifically, rear tire sizing. How wide is too wide? I ride on the mountain trails of the Oregon coast range as well as in the Cascade range. Currently have Maxxcross IT 7305 110/100-18 on my '03 WR450F which have worn out on top with little wear toward the sides. I want to go with the MT16 you recommended. Thanks alot for all the help in this thread.
  2. sf49ers6x

    best off road 520 chain

    Thanks guys. I ended up with an RX 520 EXW because of the heavier side weight. Seems good so far, little stretch.
  3. i need a new chain as mine has out-stretched its usefull life. all my riding is mountain trails, gravel road and fire breaks; rocky, ruts, and roots. 520 o ring, 120 link is what is recommended. are newer x rings an option? i've always used RK chains, where do they rate? i don't mind paying for quality but won't pay just for the name. what do you use/ recommend? 2003 WR450F yz cam/ timing free mods changed out front and rear sprocket