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  1. Hi Dwight, I've searched through entire post and not found any discussion on tire size. Specifically, rear tire sizing. How wide is too wide? I ride on the mountain trails of the Oregon coast range as well as in the Cascade range. Currently have Maxxcross IT 7305 110/100-18 on my '03 WR450F which have worn out on top with little wear toward the sides. I want to go with the MT16 you recommended. Thanks alot for all the help in this thread.
  2. Thanks guys. I ended up with an RX 520 EXW because of the heavier side weight. Seems good so far, little stretch.
  3. i need a new chain as mine has out-stretched its usefull life. all my riding is mountain trails, gravel road and fire breaks; rocky, ruts, and roots. 520 o ring, 120 link is what is recommended. are newer x rings an option? i've always used RK chains, where do they rate? i don't mind paying for quality but won't pay just for the name. what do you use/ recommend? 2003 WR450F yz cam/ timing free mods changed out front and rear sprocket