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    PowerNow & PowerNow Plus

    Do people just post here to see themselves talk? I never claimed it imporved my HP, dont care if it did or not, and the last thing I would possible waste time doing would be running a dyno on my bike. I am a rider not a gearhead. I only make two claims to the original OP. 1. was that "In my opinion" it smothed out the throttle response and gave it a more crisp feel. 2. people that dont even use the products or even own a 450X are posting responses to his question. Thank you for listening, you may now begin flooging me.
  2. rsonsteng

    PowerNow & PowerNow Plus

    Wow! After reading all these posts I am not sure if anyone who piped up actually has the PN & PNP. Everyone has a "buddy who did....." So if I may!!! I currently run both parts with a Boysen Quick shot and I am extreemly pleased with the results. As Kranny states "it not about HP" the throttle response is crisp and smooth. I say YES I would buy them. My current set up also includes a FMF Powerbomb and Q pipe. I rode a Stock 450X for an hour then got on my bike. The difference is unbelievable. I do realize that the pipe and jetting/airbox mods factor in also. So for what its worth thats my story!! $.02
  3. rsonsteng

    CRF100 Clutch/Gearbox

    Mission accomplished! Once the spring was correctly placed over the shifter drum mechanism it worked perfectly! Once I figure out how to post the pics I took anyone can see it. Thank you YZdude!
  4. rsonsteng

    CRF100 Clutch/Gearbox

    There was a spring inside the cover that was sitting next to the stater return spring I was not sure of the position. I am hoping this might be the problem. I just want to explore all options before I break the case apart. Thanks for the suggustion.
  5. rsonsteng

    xr100 whats the best first mod?

    The BBR Cradle is a must first mod. When your son starts to jump or ride hard it will keep the engine/frame bolt from elongating. It also adds overall strength to the frame.
  6. rsonsteng

    CRF100 Clutch/Gearbox

    Just finished installing a new clutch on my sons 04 crf100. Now it wont shift into 3rd gear. First and Second work great and clutch adjustment seems fine. What did I do wrong? Could there be damage in the gear box? BTW: He fried the clutch trying to get unstuck from the Carnegie Mud. Any help appriciated.
  7. One thing to consider that I have not seen discussed yet. Plan where the trailer will fit inside the TH. You need to have the majority of the weight over or forward of the the wheels. If you are too far back you will unweight the hitch causing a very unstable ride as well as potentially unsafe. Good Luck.