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  1. i thought this needed a bump
  2. http://www.quadmagazine.com/quad/features/article/0,24942,1172631,00.html
  3. 06dvx

    suspension setup

    here is a great article on suspension setting, http://www.quadmagazine.com/quad/features/article/0,24942,1172631,00.html
  4. 06dvx

    Zip-Ty vs Keintech

    is there a website for keintech?? i've heard they make airboxes and such as well
  5. Antler Lake is a great track, very physically demanding,huge altitude changes, only open for racing twice a year by the AOTMX. you must be a member and pay to race. But it is so fun!!! I paid the membership fee for only one race ( had bad crash with deer that ended my season early.) yes on the quad. but plan on racing next year!! AOTMX has a laid back approach compared to cmrc so its lots of fun but still compedative. the vegerville track and westlock as well as superdave's is open to the public!
  6. 06dvx

    Clutch or not to clutch

    try both ways decide what you like and what you like is almost always faster than something you don't i personally use the clutch
  7. if you shim up the needle you are letting more fuel in(less needle in jet means bigger opening which equals more fuel)
  8. Anyone have any suggestions for a good ride this weekend? Thinking of mabey a track but not sure if anyone is open or always up for tryin new riding areas. Haven't riden to any of the tracks around town except Antler Lake, so I don't know which one to check out or which tracks are what styles.
  9. I have a 2006 dvx 400 with the fully adjustable suspension front and rear. Would like to set it up properly for trail riding with a compromise for jumping. somewhere in the middle (if possible). any help would be great.
  10. 06dvx

    Edmonton - Castrol Raceway MX Track

    That's some great information! Thanks guys!! Look forward to hearing more.....
  11. 06dvx

    jetting chart???

    bought a dynojet jet kit put in 155 main and turn fuel screw 3.5 turns out. Also installed the dynojet 172 needle on third clip. Ran good little bit of bog in low end when accelerating wide open.
  12. 06dvx

    jetting chart???

    well i;m going to try a 145 main with fuel screw out 3 turns. I was told by another ltz owner that his ran awesome this way. Guess I'm going to have to fiddle and keep checking that plug color. It's also 3500ft here if anyone is running at this alt, please let me know what you are running!! Thanks