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  1. right in the middle
  2. It had about 100 hours on it... and yes, all the maintenance had been done--the piston was replaced, titanium valves, spring etc...
  3. My son has an 05 Honda CRF 250. A few weeks ago during the first race of the season the bike died on the track. After opening it up, we discovered that the rod snapped in two causing damage to basically the entire engine. The bike isn't even a year old and I still owe $4,000 on it. The bike has been perfectly maintained by the dealer. I am looking for anyone who knows of this happening to anyone else. If so, can you tell me about it? I am hoping that Honda will help with the new engine. We have been told by the dealership and other mechanics that this is a FREAK occurrence. All info would be greatly appreciated.
  4. The same thing happened to my son's bike. We are in a position now where we are waiting to see if Honda will come in and help. Two weekends ago he is riding in the first race of the season. His bike dies on the track. We realized opened it up and found that the rod snapped in half and destroyed most of the engine. I found this forum trying to do research to find out if this is a problem with Honda CRF 250's. His is an 05--not even a year old. Has maintained it perfectly. Does anyone out there know of anyone else this happened to? I still owe $4,000 on the bike. HELP with any experiences of a similiar nature that you know of is greatly appreciated.
  5. This happened to my husband. At first he didn't know what happened. His engine seized. Realized why when he got it home.