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  1. nydr650guy

    First Dual Sport Bike

    Love my 03' ... great machine , congrats !!! Almost thought this was my buddies post, he too just last night picked up a bike (04') great shape and great price like you.
  2. nydr650guy

    Fuel economy? I ran out of gas today.2003 Dr650

    That does seem low ? I did a bunch of the mods to mine and i like to get on it a bit and get more than that. Approx 45-50 mpg for me too.
  3. nydr650guy

    Exhaust Pipes-DR Specific or does it matter

    I fabricated a GSXR100 canister to fit mine, got about $40 into it. Looks and sounds good (not to loud). Need to have or know somebody with welding skills to pull it off though. Beats $300 for the others that i think are too loud, IMHO.
  4. nydr650guy

    Survey for pre 2004 DR650 base gasket leak

    03 started around 4k , used gasket maker to hold it over till winter. Will replace it then.
  5. nydr650guy

    bigger gas tank

    I have an idea, buy a DR650 ... i get 140 miles on a tank. :thumbsup: LOL Let's get out and ride Sunday dude !
  6. nydr650guy

    seat surgery

    Good job, i too tried just the carpet foam, but still in the early stages of it. And yes, there is a lot of extra cover on the stock seat to add material. I used regular stapler (not paper/desk stapler), a contruction type (T-50) i think ? Just push down hard.
  7. nydr650guy

    Poll: Jetting

    Description of Your Bike: 1. 2003 2. Gearing – stock15/43 (tired 14 front way to short 1st gear) 3. 4. Temperature where you ride – 45°- 95°+ 5. Needle- Stock 6. Needle Clip Position - Stock 7. Main jet – 180 8. Fuel mixture screw – 2 1/2 turns out 9. Air filter – Moose 10. Air box mods – Cut out the top w/ Snorkeletomy 11. Exhaust mods - Custom made (GSXR 1000 canister) 12. Other mods to the carb - Snorkelectomy Performance Description: 1. Starting with cold engine: full choke, maybe 30 seconds tops, fires right up 2. Low end: BIG roll on power wheelies no problem 3. Mid Range: Fat midrange great response (hit road humps in 3rd gear, hold on !) 4. Top end: 100 mph 5. Throttle response: Very good over stock 6. Fuel economy: 40-45 mpg, mostly pavement & some back roads
  8. nydr650guy

    Polishing plastic

    For years on my sport road bikes i used furniture polish, like Pledge ... works great !! Good on helmets too
  9. nydr650guy

    Hitting reserve.... dr650

    100-120 here when i hit reserve too, made all the mods already, in pure stock i was pushing 140 when i hit reserve .... but i like the performance better now .... not concered about mpg !!! If your really worried about mpg, leave it stock !!!
  10. nydr650guy

    2007 dr650

    I only got 1800 on my stock ones , than put MT21's on it, still not good on milage
  11. nydr650guy

    Wheelies 101 - how to

    I will chime in (for what ever it's worth) ?!?! I live in the country, and do enjoy the RUSH of a nice wheelie now and then on the back roads, but around traffic i would not even try, bad idea. I believe there's a time and place to screw around if you want. Just ease your way into it, don't think your going to be doing 1/4 mile wheelies at ease. The DR650 is VERY easy to get up too. Be smart about it, and if your going to play around there is a lot more risk involved. IMHO
  12. nydr650guy

    Crossing the streams in Monticello

    Awesome pics man, looks like a great riding area
  13. nydr650guy

    Dunlop D606 -vs- Pirelli MT21?

    I have MT21's and they are a good tire in most aspects EXCEPT they are wearing quick ! My wife's bike has the D606's and they seem to be lasting a lot longer. I will try them next.
  14. nydr650guy

    Found a FMF Pipe for the elusive DR 200 SE !!!!

    Yes, i to would like to see pics !!! Please
  15. nydr650guy

    Goodbye Old Faithful

    Good luck with the new ride. I learned and rode sport bikes for 14 years and made the switch to enduro's about 2-yrs ago (which i love) ... but there are days i do miss the smooth in-line four of a sport bike. So i feel your pain to some extent ! In a perfect world i would have a garage full of different models and styles of bikes. Guess that will have to wait until i win the lottery LOL.