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    Problems starting

    My buddy just had the same with his '05 250, all we did was fuel on and tipped her over on her side until she started dumping all the gone off fuel - started just fine straight after that!
  2. rwatts

    wr 426 clutch trouble?

    Thanks fryboy, I can ride the damn thing but am not great at stripping things down and putting them back together! Should have tried harder in school! lol! Anyway - I changed the oil last night and intended to put castrol gts semi-synthetic in, I pulled the old stuff out (about 12 hours old) and noticed it was definately darker than usual. I also pulled out the oil filter to give it a clean and noticed lots of metal fragments - usually there is very little/none. Is this down to the new clutch or something more sinister? Also, maybe I am loosing it but when i pulled the filter housing off, the filter fell out, there is a black rubber disk on the back of the oil filter. (i had the clutch changed at a garage and they changed the filter last) I am sure I used to take that rubber disk off, then locate the 2 holes on the back of the filter over 2 nipples at the back of the bore where the filter goes, this made me think the filter had to be pulled out last time I done it? I ended up putting the remainder of my synthetic oil in and booking an appointment for the bike to go in to a garage!
  3. rwatts

    wr 426 clutch trouble?

    Started my bike last week after sitting idle for a month, put it into gear and it learched forward like there was no clutch. I left it idle for 5 mins thinking maybe the plates had bound due to me not using it over the cold weather, sure enough started working fine. I came home and checked it again after 45 mins - once again the back wheek was locked solid with the clutch pulled in? The clutch is new - but worked fine for the first couple of rides? It has now started overheating also! I am using Motorex 10w40 fully synthetic oil? Any ideas? :