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  1. Hi guys, I was thoroughly looking for standard exaust for European models modification, but gave up and would like to get your recomendations and some experience sharing, please. The exaust looks quite silly looks unmodable, but mey be it is: Is there any way to mod it? Any personal experience or guidlines where to find any information on this type of exaust moding would be great. Thanks!
  2. Renas

    2000 wr400f ?????????????

    Yes, there is. I have one. WR400F, 2001.
  3. Renas

    WR400 hard starting

    Hi guys, Tried lot's of things, changed spark plug (plug was wet and black after some trying to start it). Still no luck starting it with choke out. In fact was not able to start anyway yesterday (after one month of no operation). Intense gas smell, even backfired a few times... It looks like I should clean the carb. It would be great to find a step by step guide with photos. Anyone could help? Thanks!
  4. Renas

    WR400 hard starting

    Hi matt4x4, Thanks for the answer! Yes, temperature is around 10-12 C at the moment:) Answering other your questions: I noticed you don't use the choke at all - have you tried with the choke? - I don't use choke as it's not possible to start engine at all with it pulled out. Gasoline smells even worse, no signs/sounds of engine is even going to start. Just dead kick and that's it. Pulling red knob and kicking a few times and it starts to sound like it's going to start. You can hear a few turns, but it's never like "don't touch the throttle it will idle". Never. I also noticed a bit of a conflict in what you're doing, first you seem to need to use the hot start to help lean it out, however, you're smelling gas, meaning it's flooding and probably really rich, and you're in need of grabbing the throttle adding even more gas, so I'm just wondering at why the need for the hot start button? - As far as I understand when throttle is opened more mixture goes to the engine, though it's not related with rich or lean, mixture is predefined and leaned by red knob. I just raise revs and give more mixture to start it. Otherwise engine dies after few turns if throttle is not opened. I've noticed one thing common on these bikes, even the smallest movement of the throttle while kicking it makes it harder to start the bike - by smallest - I mean even if you think your hand didn't move, so have you tried starting it with placing your right hand on the gas tank? - No, I haven't, but I don't believe that it's a cause of the problem Also - your decomp lever - how are you working it during your starting procedure? If you're pulling it while kicking the bike, it'll probably never start, maybe your finger is fatiguing towards the end of your starting procedure to the point where it finally gets enough compression to fire. - No, just standard procedure from the manual. Some kicks till i find TDC, decomp lever, pas through TDC, release kick, full kick. As I mentioned it's possible to start the beast when it's hot even kicking half way! You've cleaned the plug, but do you know how old it is? Have you tried replacing it? - No, and this is the first thing I will do. I haven't checked it and haven't changed it since I bought the bike. (1000 km off-road, not that much riding this year...) Once you do get it started, how is the idle? - When hot, runs even as a clock. When cold need to throttle it for 30-40 sec. As it tries to stall, gas smell, uneven on low revs. Thanks for helping me out!
  5. Renas

    WR400 hard starting

    Hi guys, as the topic is similar to mine, I will not be starting new thread, ok Skidad? I have 2001 WR400F. I have been searching the forum for two days and haven't managed to find the proper answer to my problem. So I have the same problem it's very hard to start it cold. Good thing though that it's uber-easy to start when it's hot:) Half kick and she runs like a dream. I have cleaned air filter and checked spark plug. The problem is that I have to kick it 10-20 minutes, then it starts... but only with hot start plug pulled and only if I mange to catch and open throttle after a split of second it shows sign of starting. It's quite hard to explain, but procedure goes like: - 5-8 kicks, no choke out, no hot start plug out. No sign of engine is going to start - red button (hot start) button out - 3-4 kicks, something blurbs, seams like it wanted to start - gasoline starts to smell - few more kicks, it "grabs" but no start - again a few kicks and when it grabs quick throttle opening and if I'm lucky engine is on. - works but not evenly, strong gasoline smell from exhaust As I mentioned, hot start is a dream, half kick and engine is on. When riding, throttle is sharp, no lag, no dips, everything is smooth and steady. I'm sure that something wrong with the mixture, as I'm using hot start plug which leans it up. Tried to screw in pilot screw - not much difference. Can anyone explain what happening? Was it common problem (too rich mixture when cold) for 2001 WR400F model? Any advice? Is it fuel pump related? Thanks for any help!
  6. Renas

    NX650 stalls suddenly

    No, just cleaned the connection. Other minor problem - after cleaning a carb and changing air filter it backfires on quick throttle release (mostly after quick and hard acceleration). Will try to make mixture richer.
  7. Renas

    NX650 stalls suddenly

    Solved. Faulty conection with CDI unit. Thanks everyone!
  8. Renas

    NX650 stalls suddenly

    Thanks! I'll check everything. Where have you been all this time with these suggestions?!
  9. Renas

    NX650 stalls suddenly

    I'm really really pissed off... Not able to solve the problem for a month or so! I have checked fuel valve, cleaned the carb, changed spark... After cleaning a carb, idling got little bit weird. After worm up, idling got to 2000 rpm, than reduced it to 1400 rpm, and after 10 minutes it was stalling on idle due to too low revs. Stalling still there and I don't know where to look forward... Damned!
  10. Renas

    NX650 stalls suddenly

    No, I have cleaned only float reservoir and it's needle. Just before leaving my garage I found that spark cap was loose and barely holding on the spark. Am I right that if that could be the cause, then this would happen not only when I open throttle, but all the time?
  11. Renas

    NX650 stalls suddenly

    Checked! Everything is fine with fuel flowing from the tank to the carburetor.
  12. Renas

    Is the DRZ too heavy for off road?

    Quick question. Could anyone share thoughts on how DRZ400 would compare to quite old model of Honda... NX650? I have NX650 and Thinking of switching it to DRZ400... I could only imagine that these are not comparable bikes in terms of offroading and fun factor?
  13. Renas

    NX650 stalls suddenly

    Hi there again, the problem is still there and I need some more thoughts on how could it be solved. So, any thoughts are more than welcome... Finally I have clear understanding when the problem occurs. It stalls when I open throttle wide and do it quite aggressively, after some moments it chokes and stalls. If I try to start the engine again, it usually backfires at first try. Second - and its running. If I turn throttle again wide open, it stalls again. But if I wait a few minutes and open throttle very slowly, it accelerates and goes like nothing happened. As soon as I start hard acceleration, it stalls again. Seems like problems with fuel? Should I wash tank, and carburetor? Air filter is almost new... What should I check as well?
  14. I was analyzing Dakar rally KTM photo archive. This really good place to look into different riders riding positions. I noticed that all riders stand with feet positioned on boot arches not balls as explained by motocross riders. Now I'm confused According to riding theory feet should be kept on balls! Non of Dakar rally riders considering this during this tough event. WHY? How should I do? How do you place your feet on pegs while sitting/standing?
  15. Renas

    NX650 stalls suddenly

    Hi there, at last I found the problem. When fuel valve is on "Normal" and in tank there are 8 liters of gasoline left, it starts to choke and stalls after a some time. Though switching valve to "Reserve" solves the problem. It seams that fuel pressure is not enough after some fuel is burnt. Is it possible fix the valve? What could be cause of fuel starvation in this case? Faulty valve? Filter?