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  1. spedyr6

    e line skid plate

    Same story on an '06 wr450. I called and was told to file it since it was only about 1/4" in my case. I had the steel tab for the bolt that I could bend a little to help too.
  2. spedyr6

    Dual Sport Tires

    even though you have the other threads now, I have a Perelli Scorpion front and a Michelin AC-10 rear and have been pretty happy. Thats compared to stock though.
  3. spedyr6

    '06 WR450F vs '07 WR450F

    Do a search for a thread that covers the key issue. On my '06 I did the ttr key (4 wires like my bike) and instead of cutting the wires, I used a paperclip to release them from the plastic connector. I then used a dremel on the push button mount and modified it to hold the new key setup. I believe someone in the thread I am thinking about did the exact same thing.
  4. spedyr6

    Show me your dual sported WR....

    eissinger4, I have the same setup as albie with the trick dualsport kit and the same tank on my '06. I had no problems with the tank, just had to bend the right side radiator brace a little bit (unabiker). Do a search, I believe Clark was the one that has some good pics and info about the fuel line routing.
  5. spedyr6

    Anybody riding near Reno?

    mind if I somewhat hijack the thread? A friend and I go out to Jumbo Grade. We have found about 8 different single tracks and it look slike someone is burning in a good loop, yet we seem to keep loosing the link between them. Does anyone know the area well and know if there is a good "loop"? Partially to make sure we are going the "right" direction to avoid a bad run in if there is a standard direction. One was a nice 4 mile or so creekbed that kicked my arse that spits you out at the end of Toll road I think its called off of the bottom of Gieger grade. Some trails have ribbon on them too.
  6. spedyr6

    Mount Patterson, Bodie Ride Pics

    I have been doen to the same area, did the 11,600 ft. elev. from the Walker river side (the WR was not happy up there). Also have done the Masonic area a couple times, havent made it to Bodie yet, or the sweetwater side of the highway. There might be some decent camping on the Masonic side of the road further down by the "river". The red canyon that was mentioned by smith valley isn't too bad, didnt notice any single track just some nice loose rock roads. We were trying to get back down to Gardnerville. Until I decided to get a front flat, (no spare tube) 15 miles is a long way fighting the front end.
  7. spedyr6

    Northern Nevada Pig Farmers

    I believe I have been there. I would post a pic or two, but apparently the forum si smarter at the moment
  8. spedyr6

    Northern Nevada Pig Farmers

    And I think I accomplished changing the subject days ago.
  9. spedyr6

    Northern Nevada Pig Farmers

    I would like to try out some trails where there are real trees. Sweetwater area? Is that down by Masonic, East of Coleville kinda?
  10. spedyr6

    Northern Nevada Pig Farmers

    you dont happen to live in the Tahoe area and know any trials up there?
  11. spedyr6

    Northern Nevada Pig Farmers

    The only time I heard of that was probably 2 years ago. It was more south, like Gardnerville area, but screwed up none the less. A good chunk of land out in the same area was recently bought by Bently. They fenced a lot off and idiots are getting arrested or fined as they cut the fence to ride through. BLM and the county do patrols occasionly. I can see where people are coming from wanting to protect any special areas. There are still so many miles of roads out there, as long as we dont get like the dreaded CA. Which they are slowly working on.
  12. spedyr6

    Northern Nevada Pig Farmers

    Martinfan - Wait, first let me clarify, Fri after work, so probably around 5:00 or so. Plus, Fri might not be the only day, it might change depending on how things work out it might end up being Sat afternoon. Mikey - the deliverence scene is saddly pretty common out there. Surther south there are some good ones too. One guy has about 10 dogs. Another has a swanky rv set-up. Plus I have heard someother good stories. As for roads from Moundhouse out the Johnson lane, there are a lot. One I havent been on, but have been warned about, has about 3 miles of nice deep sand whoops. I know someone will lead me down it sometime as a cruel joke. BLM keep s a lot of those roads out there in good shape. There are just a lot of roads to choose from. You can pretty much find a smooth one to get anywhere, but if your only looking for nice smooth roads, why have a bike? Unless I ma in the worng forum. Mine is primarily street legal to avaoid having to trailer or truck it to the dirt. If I wasnt in the center of town, I wouldnt have to worry. Heres one I have signed up for. My brother got me to try it. If your interested I ahve the contact phone numbers. http://dustdevilsmc.com/rr200/
  13. spedyr6

    Northern Nevada Pig Farmers

    the road into moundhouse isnt too bad for a bike. We were around the sunrise pass area, but I am not the greatest with the names. It looks like I might get the front end back together and ride fri in the Jumbo grade area. If it works out I will be meeting someone from Washoe valley and Dayton.
  14. spedyr6

    Northern Nevada Pig Farmers

    no, actually at the bridge on deer run. cement plant is on the wrong side of the river, and I use the term river loosely. It was a lot of nice dirt roads. Went south down Brunswick canyon then turned east. Came out just North Smith Valley and then North of Weed. Thats a creepy little town.
  15. spedyr6

    Northern Nevada Pig Farmers

    oh yeah, I do also now know about the "not tightening your valve stem nut down" rule