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  1. I just took a job with GE Supply in Richmond and will be moving there begining of June. I will be renting so my big concern is trying to find a place for a resonable price that comes with a garage for the toys. Can anyone in this area give me some advice on where to go? Im looking to spend as little as possible on a apartment, just as long as its not a complete dump! Is a garage possible? will i have to sell my toys??? THanks in advance, Sean
  2. hmm looks like ill have to try again thanks again, sean
  3. i emailed them... i tried to order but it wouldnt let me...
  4. fuel screw is ok, and i did mess with the idle. When i take it off choke i can keep it running for a few seconds if i hold it half throttle but it breaks up and back fires really bad, then eventually dies. I took the carb off the bike and took it apart completely, everything looks fine and i replaced all the gaskets except the ones that are inbetween the bowl and slide, as i didnt have those. could a leak in that area cuase this problem...even though it didnt show up when i sprayed the carb down while the bike was running... thanks for the help everyone:worthy:
  5. any idea when they will be in? can i pre order? thanks sean
  6. its a 39mm fcr mx with a 45 pilot
  7. i sprayed wd40 all over the carb, intake boots and she didnt idle up so i dont think its a leak. Could it just be the colder wheather thats causing it to not run with the choke off?
  8. ill have to test for the air leak, if thats not it ill go through the carb again, make sure its clean, no missing o rings thanks for the help
  9. 170 main jet 200 main air jet emn needle clip 3 45 pilot jet 100 pilot air jet 2 turns fuel screw carb is from a 2004 ktm 450, so one would think that it shouldnt have to much time on it.. but who knows. when i got it the brass piece that the fuel line hooks to was leaking, i pulled it out and replaced the 3 o rings, it does not leak now. how do i tell if there is a vacuum leak?, and how would i tell if the carb really is worn? thanks
  10. no, couldnt be carb icing, garage was to warm for that... could the carb be worn...???
  11. well i just got done with a fcr/ yoshi install jetted according to eddie's suggestions for 70*f. I started it last night and it was about 15*F, it would run with the choke on put soon as i shut the choke off it would die, no matter how warm the motor was. So today i started up the heater in the garage and tried again, must have been 50 in there, but she still wouldnt run without the choke on. gas if fairly fresh, maybe a month old. btw the way this is a used carb off a ktm... i dont know if that would have anything to do with it. the carb and jets where spotless when i put it on im not sure what it could be...
  12. this same thing could happen if it was to cold out correct? sean
  13. the only thing i did to the brakes was simply take caliper off the rotor. I never even hit the brake while it was apart. when i put everything back together the caliper fit right on the rotor, moved perfect. I hit the brake and then it locked up and wouldnt let go. I made sure the rotor was inbetween the pads, i even made sure the wheel was on correct, correct spacers, torq. correctly It must be something in the master cylinder??
  14. the caliper slider is working perfect, the piston orings are in good shape.... it must be something in the master cylinder...but i dont know what, everything looks good:banghead: thanks for the replies
  15. ok, something is wrong here... i took the pads out, the pistons move fine, i can push each of them down independently, everything is good. I pull the pistons out and clean everything. I put everything back together and bleed the system, the brakes lock up tight but they dont release, it takes all my might to move the front wheel. what in the world is causing my brakes to stay locked on after i squeeze them? can someone please fix the title of this thread, i look like a a$$ thanks, Sean