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  1. Would like full exhaust to ride the quiet motocross tracks where db dawgs are required normally . The stock it too loud. Thanks.
  2. Hi anyone with this bike or had one with basic settings would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. jedsterjed

    Bar mount help. 2013 kxf450

    Good to hear that I'm not the only one that was struggling on these issues. Thanks for the input
  4. jedsterjed

    Bar mount help. 2013 kxf450

    Hi I'm considering moving bars ahead in clamps to next set of holes. I know most riders do not prefer this setup but what are the reasons ? I'm 6foot 3in n feel a little tight on bike. Considering moving pegs down also... I have the chad reed bar bend. I sure would like to hear some pros/cons about this. Thanks
  5. Many bike owners replaced their stock cams with hotcams. I'm looking for oem intake. Thanks
  6. jedsterjed

    07 cam fit or work on 04

    Looking for cam to fit my 04 head. I found a set out of an 07 Kawi , would they work ? What would be the difference ? Thanks
  7. jedsterjed

    What head will work on 250 RMZ

    K will search. Thanks
  8. jedsterjed

    What head will work on 250 RMZ

    Ok so an 06 is better? What are the changes? eBay is the place to look , what about the cams. I'm gonna need an intake for sure ... Is the 06 cams the same also ? Thanks
  9. jedsterjed

    Looking to replace head on 04

    Hello , was wondering where to get a reasonably priced head for my 04 250. What years will work on this engine also. Thanks
  10. jedsterjed

    What head will work on 250 RMZ

    Hey, i would like to know what heads would fit on 04. where would the best place to get one from? I hear 04-06 are the same but not sure if valves are the same or not. Thanks for reply and help.
  11. jedsterjed

    2004 RMZ kxf 250 cylinder head

    Need a new or used cylinder head for my RMZ 250. What heads would work on my 2004? And how much different is later years.
  12. jedsterjed

    Looking to Buy 2010 or 2011

    goto Motocross Action Mag and read...pretty honest on the most parts. I have an 09 and love it
  13. jedsterjed

    Yoshi 09 vs 11 exhaust

    yup just checked that out and it will not fit
  14. jedsterjed

    Do I Need A 450??

    ya that is why I have the 250F is for the exercise and to become a better rider. it takes way more of a rider to be as fast riding with 450s trust me and way more of a reward passing them.
  15. jedsterjed

    Coolant blowing outof 06 250 help

    ya the gasket was bad its all apart now. I am going to check head and rest out before putting it back together. I also checked the water pump out and all is well. thanks guys