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  1. crash50

    1990 DR650S

    Direct from Suzuki. I had one until two weeks ago. My wife bought me a BMW F650. crash50
  2. crash50

    DR650 fuel consumption

    The best I ever got was 58MPG on 91 OCT fuel. The worst was 49 with 87 OCT fuel and my hand in the throttle. It is bone stock but is also the 1990 DR650S model. Oh, I also run Anakee tires. crash50
  3. crash50

    Who else has a '90-'95 DR650?

    I have a 1990 DR650S, "kick start" version. It has the 5.5 gallon stock fuel tank on it. Kick starting requires a fine understanding of how the beastie works. 1. choke at full 2. key on 3. kick- "one-time-only and I mean one-time-only! 4. pull the compression release in 5. kick, 1/2 time, until the lever pops up Fire it up. I like the bike as it has long range and can haul my OFGA, "old fat guy ass" around. crash50
  4. crash50

    luggage racks

    Another supplier for racks for the DR650 is from: www.happytrail.com crash50
  5. crash50

    DR650R 1991 engine noise

    I had the same trouble when I bought my 90 DR650S in April 2005. I did the adjustment on the balance tensioner and it still makes the same noise, only about 90% less than prior. My bike is the Canadian version and has a large bash plate on the undercarriage. I think that the noise was being amplified by the plate and still is. I was wondering if the Cam chain had issues, but that seems okay as well. I have no further info on the racket you are hearing. crash50