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  1. nzvetmxer

    My 2008 Yz 450f Review

    Hi Adamdf AS to your question whether the YZF450 still had traction with the FMF on it, Yes it does, I dopped my lap times by by an average of 2.4 seconds on my practise track and maintained that each lap. I swapped back to the original pipe and back and forth 6 times and each time I got better lap times. I also felt with the better when coming out of a corner and straight into a rough whoop section as the power came on strong and would build quicker even if I was a gear higher, which would then keep me on top of the whoops. With the stock pipe I couldnt do this. I also rode the 2008 KXF450 and in stock form it was quite a bit quicker in the lower rpm range when the YZF was in stock form but when we changed the pipe back to the FMF then the YZF was faster. I do run Pirellis front and rear (Scorpion Mid Softs as its spring down here now and I run Pirelli Scorpion Mid Hard 454 in the summer) They hook up real well. Hope that helps. Rgs Paul
  2. nzvetmxer

    My 2008 Yz 450f Review

    Hi guys I put a FMF 4.1 system with a megabomb header pipe on my 2008 YZF450 and all I can say is wow. Now I have unreal power right from idle but still easy to ride. The throttle is so much snappier when you blip it but the difference on the track is just amazing. You can go a gear higher and roll the throttle on and its all there. Belive me its so different and sooooo much better. The power increase is right through the throttle range but most noticeable from idle to 1/2 throttle where the standard pipe makes the bike lazy.
  3. nzvetmxer

    07 CRF owners reveiw of his new 08 YZF

    Hi I put a FMF 4.1 titanium system with megabomb header on my 2008 YZF450 and all I can say is wow, unbelievable difference. The power is now from idle and it snaps when you roll on the throttle. Easy to use though but the power difference from idle right the way through is just amazing. You can go a gear higher in any corner. It even has better power than the 2008 KXF450 I raced a few weeks back at the invitation of a friend. Try it, you will love it.
  4. nzvetmxer

    What tires???

    I run Pirelli Scorpion MidSoft32 and find them awesome in sand and soft soil here in New Zealand. Most of the GP riders in Europe also run them on the circuits over there which are mostly sandy or soft soil (ie Josh Coppins, Stefan Everts now retired, the Suzuki Factory team). I also agree with the S12 which are also a great tyre.
  5. nzvetmxer

    So I'm set on the KX

    See my thread best upgrades for 2007 KXF450. They are of course my own opinions but they have transformed my 450 into an unreal handling and turning bike. No matter what you decide always throw away the stock rubber and replace it with some quality rubber. I run Pirelli Scorpions MH454 for mid to hard tracks and Midsoft 32 for softer and sandy tracks and I find them very very good. However the Michelin (S12 or MS3, MH3), Bridgstone 402's, ect are all great tyres. Next get the suspension set up for your weight, track types and riding ability. It makes a big difference. IF you dont then at least set the sag to 100 to 105mm. If you have $ left over then I can recommend the RG3 tripleclamps (with 20mm offset) to quicken up the steering and they also have a 4 post barclamp system that dont twist like the standard bar clamps. You really dont have to do anything to the engine, its great and has plenty of power. Check the jetting is all you need to do. I run the JD (James Dean) jetting kit and find it very good. Lastly the most important part, ride and enjoy.
  6. nzvetmxer

    '07 KX450F vs. '03 CRF450R

    Hay 343, You obviously got a lot of wheelspin on your 110 as I did it on my 110 in 47.85214 seconds flat. I would suggest you upgrade your tyres mate. Or maybe it was your jetting?? But I was using my holeshot device so that might explain it. Good laugh guys, makes my day. Paul.
  7. nzvetmxer

    Tire question

    Hay Numroe, I was going to use my D742 for target practise but I was scared that the bullet would ricochet back and hit me, so then I thought I might drown it out at sea by weighing it down with a concrete but got scared it might break free and just float over there to Aussie mate and scare you guys over there so I finaly decided to hide it from all mankind in a very safe place where it can no longer scare MX riders. Phew.
  8. nzvetmxer


    I had the 06 model and have had the 07 model since Novermber last year and its awesome mate. Its a much better bike than the 06 model. The guy that bought my 06 has just replaced the piston and rings at 106 hours (I would say thats way too much) and told me that the old piston and barrell looked perfect. I now have 57 hours on my 07 model with no problems at all. About to replace the piston and rings ect. If you buy one check the oil screen under the flywheel as they get blocked up with gasket cement. (you only have to do it once at about 5 hours). Ive done a few upgrades for racing (see my 07 upgrades post). I change the oil and filter every 3 to 4 hours. Had a great run out of both of them and th 07 motor is oh so grunty. I get the holeshot almost everytime. I have to say though that most of the 07 MX bikes out there today are pretty damn good so which ever way you go, ride hard and ride safe.
  9. nzvetmxer

    Jetting imput needed

    I run a 178 main jet and increased the pilot screw to two turns out and increased the idle a tad. My 06 KXF450 used to do the same thing all the time. The above seemed to help. Also try to use 98 unleaded petrol or better. I race at sealevel to 1500AMSL. I have put a JD jetting kit in my 07 model and its runs sweet so you could look at that as an option if you cannot get it right. The JD kits are all set up for different temps and altitudes so you can fit the exact jets needle ect as per their instrcution sheet. Hope that helps mate. Paul.
  10. nzvetmxer

    Tire question

    Freds 4, Congrats on your new bike. They are quite awesome to ride and great fun too. Another way to quicken the turning/steering of this bike is to drop the forks from the standard 8mm to 12mm. (from the bottom of the cap to the upper clamp) It helps considerably and I use to do it all the time before the RG3clamps were fitted. If the track is long with high speed straights then put them back to standard or you will experience some headshake. Oh and throw away the stock rubber on the front and replace it with a decent tyre like the Pirelli, Michellin or Bridgstone. Its worth the money. All the very best on your new ride. Paul
  11. nzvetmxer

    Tire question

    Sorry mate, just thought you were looking at better turning. I have heard of a few guys down here in New Zealand running the 250 size tyres on their KXF450 and the feedback I heard was quite positive and cornering was improved. I guess you may sacrifise a little traction as the footprint would be slightly smaller but it does work.
  12. nzvetmxer

    question for team green re: clutch

    Ive put pro-circuit clutch springs in. They are 10 to 15% stronger and are relatively cheap.
  13. nzvetmxer

    Aftermarket Dog-Bones for the '07 - Help!

    I think for the $ you would spend on the link the RG3 suspension revalve and upgrade (front and rear) will give you plushness and a much better handling bike. I investigated the link and decided to have the forks and shock done by RG3 and the bike is now so good I dont need the link. Plus you get the suspension set up for your weight, speed, ability. Its now very plush but doesnt bottom out. Totaly transformed my bike. Even if you bought the link you would still have to do this anyway. Hope that helps mate.
  14. nzvetmxer

    Tire question

    See my message about the 07 KXf450 Upgrades. I have fitted the RG3 triple clamps (with a 20mm offset) and that has made the bike corner like its on rails and now turns as good as a 250. Its totaly transformed the KXF. I run Pirelli Scorpions and find them to be a great tyre, lots of front end bite and great traction.
  15. nzvetmxer

    Best upgrades for the 07 KX450F

    Yes I agree. I run Pirelli Scorpions and find them to be a great tyre. Midhards for the summer and midsofts for the winter down here in New Zealand. With the above upgardes I have taken 3.8 seconds off my lap record on my practise track (out of a 1m38s lap time) so the upgrades have been significant. They have really transformed my bike and now its even fun to ride/race. That in turn has made my confidence rise and that also helps. I also find you can hold top speed to the last lap as well. Hope this info helps some of you KXF450 riders out there. I cannot enough not speak highly enough of RG3. P.S I see Ben Townley has won the East Coast lites. He is/was a local not far from here. Supercross is not really his forte and I think he will do very well in the National outdoors.