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  1. Not to mention Reed got his ass handed to him by a rookie! GO RV!!!!
  2. Heres an idea for ya. Take a piece of 1/2" or 3/4" chain and make it as long as you would need it for you height. then you just weld 6 or 7 links together to form a platform and leave the rest free. That way you have the solid platform to step on and if you get into something off-road the chain will just absorb it. It should look something like this 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00000 weld these links^^^
  3. Nice looking track man. Would be even better if you had a couple more jumps along those super long straights and maybe build some of those turns up a little more. Good work so far looks fast and fun.
  4. Yeah I LOVE Sandy Valley but its just too darn far for me! BC is a lot more closer to me.
  5. Now that had to of been hilarious. I wouldn't of been able to ride after seeing that. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Their website says March 7th. Check the website for more details. Lets support them guys. Its the only place close to Vegas.
  7. In a crazy turn of events tampax pulled the string on sethro42's sponsorship deal!
  8. I would have to agree with the Maxxis desert rear or the Bridgestone M602. It's a little more expensive but wears like iron!
  9. That would lead to a definate divorce in my house. No time with wife and all the time on the track!
  10. This should help.
  11. Nice vid! Thanks dude.
  12. How much you wanna make a bet I can ride this wheelie across the yard?
  13. Heres a couple.
  14. I second the Dr. D. As far as the carbon pipes, don't do it unless you have money to throw away or you're really anal about bike and exhaust maintenance.