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  1. Illinois

    N of 80,E of 23 http://www.foxvalleyoffroad.com/foxinfo.htm
  2. I rode the #498 above several times.Service builds an awesome bike.
  3. Don't listen to moose,he's a guy so dumb he would let me ride his gleaming new bike without thinking it over first.
  4. Johnny,don't ride C there.You ride A or B easy."C" stands for circus.
  5. RC and James Stewart don't need to ride the limiter.Discuss.
  6. Supercross

    The sad thing is that you can't get these wasted years back,and soon he will be into the "old guy" range where sponsors won't want to waste their time seeing what he still has left in him.
  7. Supercross

    Great win,now he can coast and waste everyone's time and money for another year.
  8. Supercross

    He was chubby kid when he was a teenager coming up.That's his natural body without hardcore training and diet.
  9. Thanks,I just eat a lot and don't exercise.
  10. My bodyfat %.
  11. Great ride,thanks a lot.Perfect dirt.
  12. Hi mini.
  13. Those straight jumps can be just wider in general.It was logjammy if you caught a goob going through the jumps.
  14. My arms are still pumped up 3 hours later.Is that a bad sign of my conditioning program?
  15. It's better for sure.Everything needs to pack in and the jumps can still be bigger.I would like the jumps more tabletop than the gentle down hill slants.