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    can a new battery be charged by riding?

    Buy a charger from walmart. Save your receipt. Charge your battery with it. Return it. 1) Free use of a charger 2) You are giving someone at WalMart a job Even if you lose your receipt they'll still take it back! God I love wallyworld! (Just don't ever buy WMT stock )
  2. boardslider661

    Screwed up the muffler endcap...

    The same thing just happened to me except 2 of my bolts broke off and are stuck. Was there a secret to prevent those bolts from breaking off? Before I took off the end cap as soon as I let off the throttle the engine really slowed the bike down I hardly used my brakes. Now with it off it the engine breaking is more mellow. I love the sound without that endcap on but I'd hate to get a fine for running without the cap or worse yet -start a brush fire . Does anyone have any low cost (<$250) suggestions on getting legal again without going back to a stock endcap. I want to keep the sound and performance but not risk anything. Thx