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  2. Yep, one hell of a car. Apparently about 200hp (car had 40hp new....) 5speed etc, enough to scare the owner.
  3. About 400km north of Chch, same island.
  4. There's a few here, suspect the fairly dry climate helps.
  5. Sold this wee gem recently to help fund another toy, 1967 Ford Anglia,, 998cc of English fury.....
  6. Now I'm getting pissed off. On an '82 the mechanism is on the left. Meybe not on the 83, I couldn't give a toss.
  7. Whoa, all these years of changing gear with my left foot,, I'd always figured that was the lefthand side of a bike.
  8. The majority of the shift mechanism can be got to by removing the left hand engine cover. There is a couple of return springs in there to check, No's 14 and 10. If there's nothing obvious, the internal bits all need major surgery.....
  9. What the hell was Honda thinking when they dropped the 350's from production. A bit of modernising and they could've been better/longer lasting than the DRZ400 and they would've made $$$$
  10. The wear on the washer tells chain must be slopping around like crazy......
  11. Lower cam-chain sprocket is on a spline but only goes on in 1 spot. Could slip due to damage/wear. Probably more likely the chain, tensioner or front guide is failing, would be my guess. It's not normally possible to fit the chain onto the cam sprocket and cam, without taking the tension off the tensioner ,then releasing it and tensioning the the chain when finished. If you see half a tooth out, there's a lot of wear on the chain or tensioner but it shouldn't allow it the jump so easily IMHO.
  12. Cant say if the later wheel will fit, but it was pretty common to machine the sprocket-side bearing-well deeper ,and shorten the spacer, to accept another bearing on that side. The single bearing on the sprok side gets hell!
  13. Check the keyway on the rotor too. If its sheared or de-formed the T mark may not be at piston TCD anymore,, buggering up the valve timing.
  14. If it fits, it should be fine,, although your reserve capacity looks to be a lot less.
  15. Drz's can get airborne but they plummet pretty quickly...