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  1. Further to the advice already given,, there are very few differences between any of the 1978-1982 XR, XL, or CBrs motors. Rockers are probably identical, occasionally a rocker-cover may have 1 extra bolt near the sparkplug. Some later models have a spring on the rockers to help quieten the rattles a bit.
  2. Check fork seal sizes to see if the upper is the same diameter
  3. Jeez, you should try an old XL500 motor, (rotor alone is 2.5kilograms),, just a bout 'bust a hernia' trying to muscle one in!
  4. At least you can touch paint up if needed,, not so easy with powdercoat.
  5. Check your carb hasn't been blown out of the manifold.
  6. In a perfect world, that'd be exactly how it would go. In reality, it can be real fiddly and an exercise in frustration untill you're able to figure it out! (especially if you have a new unstretched chain)
  7. Jeez, you're still laughing at least. Never seen a bent camshaft,, I guess that'd take a shitload of force. Where is the gouge? Is it likely that whatever caused it, is what bent the shaft, Or is there a deeper problem, like a partial can seizure, or piston/valve contact caused by a number of things? Has the camchain timing jumped, ie, do the timing marks on the cam still line up with compression TDC? If there's no obvious reason, I'd be taking the head off to check for valve/piston damage, conrod failiure etc
  8. Is the decommpressor cable too tight, causing the exhuast valve to hit the piston?
  9. Have the engine sidecovers been removed to change stators/rotors(left hand side) or advance/retard mechanism(Right hand side)? Was it operating ok before?
  10. If you're sure all the bolts are out, put the spark-plug back in and kick it over. If theres not enough compression to pop it up, get the piston half way up and thread some thin rope down the plug hole and then turn the crankshaft. Dont know anything about Sachs, but both work on other engines....
  11. Sorry pal, pretty much depends on how it's been done. It may need the stator/rotor from the left-hand side swapped,, or it may all be done with the external wiring. Other than that,, It's over my head!
  12. Engine and electrical same for 80 and 81, so apart for the 12v conversion parts, it should all be identical.
  13. Bit more assembly and you could ride it there.....
  14. Cable can be altered to a manual one, however the auto one is best IMHO. you gotta pull the lever down as you put thesidecover on next time.....
  15. Went out to bike, 82XL500r, tonight for a blat round the block, gave her a quick check-over, and found the pilot screw and spring sitting under the carb. She seemed to be running ok, (not perfect i admit) the other evening when out and about. Never had anything like this happen in 30years of XR's and XL's. Lost the tiny o-ring unfortunately,, bit of a bugger to find the right size too....