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  1. Muzz67

    1980 xr 500 dillema

    yes, twin leading shoe.
  2. Muzz67

    1980 xr 500 dillema

    Is there a speedo cable drive ?
  3. Muzz67

    1980 xr 500 dillema

    Front wheel originally a 23inch but tyres pretty rare so most changed to 21inch now. Forks look longer than standard but could just be because of the smaller wheel? Guessing slightly later ('82?) XR250 or 500? Still a good fit with bike tho.
  4. Muzz67

    1980 xr 500 dillema

    Probably more comfortable than DRZ with better internal ratio's for roadriding. Will happily cruise at a relaxed 100kph with 15/39. Parts for gearbox not readily available any more unless you get lucky. Plain bearings (ie no bearings) for cam so if they chew out you're either looking for a newer head of machining bushes into yours. No oil filter, so changes every thousand km or so. Am not a big fan of 520plus cc or high compression motors for these,, transmission not really strong enough. That front end is not original. If you're ok with a lot more checking/maintenance, kick starting it, and not hooning or power-shifting, go for it!
  5. Muzz67

    The Honda Flash Red Thread

    Outstanding bike, good to see it being used and looked after! Hate seeing these lovely old things misused/chopped...... Need to change the oil regularly with good mineral stuff as there is no oil filter or camshaft bearings. There is a screen inside the clutch cover to strain out lumps but thats it. Fit a magnetic sump plug and check it every few hours,, if a gear starts shedding it shows up on a magnet. Keep an eye on tappet clearances,, if they change much or unevenly check it out. Tension cam chain occasionally by loosening both 10mm bolts a little while idling,, (dont remove either one!)
  6. Muzz67

    '81 XR250 front brake locked up

    What Chuck said...... Only issue I got with twin leading shoe brakes is I('ve found out the hard way) that they dont work much when bike is going backwards....
  7. Cam will interchange, but thats about it. Cant think of anything other than that in the top end..... Some 250 bits work in the bottom end, but not for long (ie gearbox gears, shiftforks,oil pump etc.)
  8. Muzz67

    84 honda xr 350r speedo

    I have an '84 XR250 speedo if you need a pic.
  9. Muzz67

    Tt600 engine swap

    Do a google search......
  10. Muzz67

    Tt600 engine swap

    Some countries also had a 400cc motor which sold alongside the 600. Smaller, yes, but a bit gutless and probably not supported by dealers either. There's still a ton of parts available for old thumpers,, its just a matter of looking in the right places and talking to the right people. TTalk is a damn good start!
  11. Muzz67

    1982 XL250R electrical problem

    Headlight should not be on without the engine running, and blinkers often dont blink properly only running from the battery without the engine going. Spark issues seem easier to find by starting at the plug and working backwards, IE Plug,cap,lead,etc. Check grounding and connectors etc too.
  12. Muzz67

    Honda XL500R internal oil filter

    Not sure what you're saying here,, Yes, your bike will have a mesh screen inside the left-hand side-cover to catch lumps. None of the early (Pre RFVC) engines, apart from the FT400/500 Ascot had a proper oil filter. It's a good idea to run a magnetic sump plug to keep an eye on whats going on inside,, just lean the bike to the right every few hundred km's and check magnet for metal.
  13. Muzz67

    81 xl500s I buggered something up

    Got spark? If not,, its gotta be the pg or wiring/connector.
  14. Muzz67

    Random pics.

    Evening on the deck....
  15. Muzz67

    Random pics.

    Dawn from the deck.....