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  1. Muzz67

    Vintage Dual Sport

    I like old Honda's too. Currently use an '82XL500R for everything including touring.
  2. Muzz67

    1985 Honda XR350R cam chain

    Plenty of chain on ebay. Tensioner and guide not so easy....
  3. Carbs? '82 should be single. Did wheel lock? Engine slow quickly, ie loose power? or was it more like turning the key off where engine continues to spin but no spark? Main should be 135, 52 slow and 1.75 turns out on pilot. If it's had a seizure it's probably not good inside.......
  4. Will early model, 1979-82 XR/XL 500( non-RFVC) valve stem seals fit in a later 83+ XR/XL 500-600 and FT500? Partzilla shows FT500 (Non RFVC) ones fit an RFVC motor but does not show a similarity to early XR/XL,, meybe someone will know?? Cheers in advance,
  5. Muzz67

    1982 XL500r Parts Questions

    Tank and seat of 250 is same,, rear wheel different although can be made to work. Has smaller brake and drive rubbers etc.
  6. Muzz67

    1980 Honda XR250 Ignition Issues

    Seal can be replaced without pulling things apart.
  7. Muzz67

    Random pics.

    Either that foot is enormous, or those koozers are for a hampster!
  8. Am jealous!! Bargain.
  9. Figured you were leg-pulling. No-one could take a whole day to butcher a classic. 7 minutes max with a grinder......
  10. Great,Nice old survivor you have there. Pleas dont chop it up into a bloody bobber or some other mobile crapheap!!
  11. https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?minPrice=&maxPrice=&isBigSale=n&isFreeShip=y&isNew=n&isFavorite=n&shipFromCountry=&shipCompanies=&SearchText=magnetic+sump+plug&CatId=0&g=y&initiative_id=SB_20180804200923&needQuery=y
  12. What the other guys said,,plus add an extra 200ml if you're riding hard or hot. 1700ml may have been ok for the 250cc motor, but isnt ok for the 500 in harsh conditions. There is no proper filter, so change oil often, as soon as the drop on the stick looks off-colour. There is a screen to catch big lumps hidden inside the clutch cover. Would pay to check it if the bike is new to you to assess any issues going on down there. Tighten the balancer chain too while its open. Fit a magnetic oil bung and check it every few few hours by leaning bike a little to the right. There's no cam bearings in the head, so oil quality and cleanliness is critical.
  13. Muzz67

    Random pics.

    New toy,, '75 Mitsubishi GTO,, possibly badged as a Colt, Plymouth,Dodge(?) for Merkins.
  14. Muzz67

    Random pics.

    Compared to an Austin A35, i guess! to be fair, they are quite comfy and do go round corners pretty good.
  15. Muzz67

    Honda xl350r not( xr xxxr )