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  1. Yeah, I saw the info. on Rowher and sounded real cool. I initially had the same reservations as you regarding the level of skill needed. I guess if there are a few of us in the novice dept., we could split off together.
  2. I got an '06 450EXC. Coincidence that you asked, New2Blue450. I live in Orange County.
  3. No, I didn't get a dual sport, so it needs to be off road only.
  4. I am new to the sport, and just picked up a new bike, so we both need some "break in" time. Where are some riding areas that would be good to go for someone with very limited dirt riding experience? Also, I would be interested if finding out about any group rides that would cater to someone like me, or maybe meet up with other beginning riders. Any input would be a great help. Oh yeah, So Cal area. I live in Orange County, but I realize I'm looking at, at least a 2 hour drive. I guess I should say that I'm looking for desert and/or trails; not tracks.
  5. I've seen some threads regarding the "woodruff key" issue with the 03 WR450's, and was wondering if the repair is covered by Yamaha under a recall? I was also wondering if anyone knows whether or not the 2003 WR450's are a green sticker here in Cali.
  6. Thank you to everyone for responding. Choosing a first bike is quite a decision, and I'm just trying to prevent having to eventually buy 2 bikes!! The 450 EXC is looking pretty good, but I'm still wondering....Is the tranny and stroke differences the major items that set the XC and EXC apart?
  7. EM rider, thanks for the response, and the advice. I do have street experience, and will be conservative off road until I get some skills under me. But, I do appreciate the input. I think Uptite is the closest, being in Santa Ana, so I will give them a call.
  8. I'm looking to get my first dirtbike, and among many others, the Husky TE450 is one of the bikes that I am considering. Does anyone have any dealer recommendations for the So. Cal area. I live in Orange County.
  9. So, are you saying that an XC wouldn't be "too much" for riding trails, or more tame riding? Being a new rider, I'm a little leary of the "hard hit" of a MX style bike.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm in the market for my first dirtbike, and KTM is a serious consideration. The salesman at my local "multiplex" dealership suggested either the 450 EXC or the 450 XC. I'm hoping to get some real world input. Since I'm new to the sport, and old (36), I don't plan on doing any track riding; mostly trails and desert. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I guess I should also ask, what are the major differences between the XC and the EXC?