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  1. 71 Stinger

    Where to start?

    Thanks again for all the feedback. As it turns out FatChance hit it on the head. I found a 2000 Kawi Super Sherpa and love it! Ride safe!
  2. 71 Stinger

    Where to start?

    Thanks, Peaches. Can you tell me more about the DRZ's street manners and what your learning curve was like for those first few weeks/months? I realize my experience may be different...
  3. 71 Stinger

    Where to start?

    I have read a LOT of good things about the DRZ400S, including that it is far and away one of Suzuki's bestsellers. It also seems pretty off-road biased? If that's true--and if I'm right about my riding being split 80% commuting or on the highway to the woods vs. 20% fire roads, jeep tracks, playing adventurer--that might not be ideal. Thanks for all the suggestions, folks; they've really helped me to refine my question to this: What do you think is the best small/midsized street-biased dual sport?
  4. 71 Stinger

    Where to start?

    Thanks for the feedback. A used DR350 or XT350 makes sense if either could haul me and 50# of gear down the highway comfortably. I can't find any reports on an XR400 dual-sport. Is there an iteration that's street legal? Everything I find is off-road/enduro, including this review which was high on the trip, but less so on the bike: http://www.thumperpage.com/articles/01XR400.html Other ideas?
  5. Hi guys. I'm a newbie (some off-road experience fifteen years ago & a more recent MSF grad) who is considering a dual sport as a first bike. I can't decide what displacement makes the most sense. There seem to be two schools of thought: 1. Start small, get comfortable, work up to bigger bikes. 2. Buy something "over your head" and grow into it. The drawback to each theory seems to be: 1. You'll be bored of it in two/three months, have to upgrade--i.e. buy more than one bike--and take the financial hit(s) that might be involved with that. 2. You'll scare the crap out of yourself/wind up in the hospital. I'm a little guy (5'7''/160/31''-32'' inseam) and would like a bike for commuting during the week and adventuring/camping on weekends/vacations. Probably 80/20 street to dirt, if I'm honest with myself. I was really gung-ho on the KLR, but I talked with Elden Karl (http://multisurfacemotorcycling.com) on the phone and he said that since the switch to Thai production, they have been dealt a terrible blow in quality. The DR650 sounds great but pretty powerful, and I am not interested in grabbing too much throttle and having accidental wheelies all over creation. I also wonder if these bikes are just too big for me? I can tiptoe the KLR and haven't sat on the DR (although I read it can be lowered). I'm also not sure that the littler bikes (200s, 350s, 400s) can do the laden-weekend-explorer thing. Maybe there is no bike that fits me that can do everything I want it to? Any thoughts?