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  1. Here is a pic from my ride today...
  2. I am from Sacramento...takes about 15minutes to get to Prairie City
  3. Here are the before and after pics of my recently aquired 2001 S. Everything that was wrong with it were things I was going to mod anyway. Tail light, ascerbis f/r fenders, carbon crankcase cover, flatland rad guards, sdg seat, sisneros battery kit, jd jet, 3x3 airbox mod...etc...still have a few bits to put on. This is my first dirtbike and I went down my first day on the trail....exactly why I bought a beater bike. Nothing special...but it runs like a champ and isn't afraid of getting dirty Before After
  4. Hi all, Looking for some recommendations from the guys that have experience dual sporting. I am looking for some upper body protection and am torn between these two options. 1. Zacspeed SP-3/RP-3 2. Alpinestar Bionic 2 and a camelback Not sure if the RP-3 pack is really useful or if the SP-3 pack is overkill for a day on the trails. I also have a sportbike and I think that the Astar could do double duty. I already have a camelback/backpack for MountainBiking. I live in Sacramento, CA so it can get up to about 115 during the summer and the winters don't get below 40 or so. What do you guys think? I have 0 experience with MX protection. If the Zacspeed is the way to go, do you think the RP-3 packs enough? Thanks.