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  1. i have an 05 crf250r and my first thumper was an 01 yzf250. i loved that bike but a bad accident put me out for a couple of years and i thought the honda might be cool but it the 05 didnt even have the hit of the 01 yzf. i want to but the 06 yzf. whats the news on it?
  2. thanks for the reply. my buddy made me a little nervous . he said a friend of his couldnt start his bike because his valves where so tight.
  3. i have 48 hours on my 05 crf 250r and of course done regualar oil changes but have not yet checked the valves. ive noticed a little lack in power at 3500 ft altitude but that might be a jetting problem. and the bike otherwise runs killer but am i just waiting to grenade my motor or can i at least get a 4 hour ride in tomorrow and then adjust my valves? or dont ride tomorrow and do the adjustment. but i cant get shims till monday. any thoughts out there?