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  1. sapper12

    Need WR250 Speedometer Drive Gear

    PM me your address and I'll see how much it'll cost me to send you my spare. Does shipping plus $5 sound good?
  2. sapper12

    Need WR250 Speedometer Drive Gear

    are you talking about the plastic piece between the fork and the wheel, or the other one that sits in the wheel hub.
  3. sapper12

    new oil strainer PLEASE HELP

    There is no strainer in the crankcase, I have had them apart many a time. Why would you strain the used oil coming out of the bike anyway? The one you are probably after is located in the return hose from the oil tank in the frame. The number for that is 5TA-21756-00-00 and it costs about $20. Hope that helps. Oh, take the hose off the tank by the fitting, not by using the clamp, thats how I wrecked mine.
  4. sapper12

    wr250 free mod, re-jet questions?

    You shouldn't have to re jet after the grey wire or throttle screw mods. If you put yoour lid back on, you will probably have to re jet. Sticking it back on is the only way to know for sure
  5. sapper12

    08 WR 250 Opinions

    Along with the free mods, upgrade the cams and exhaust. The cams are quite mild, so changing them to yz or putting in hotcams makes a huge difference. Also the stock muffler just plain stinks, you can drill a hole in the inner baffle and get a insert for it, or replace the whole thing. I did both, and liked the aftermarket muffler way more. And don't forget to buy a JD jet kit, thats the most important thing. I did the above and pull 3rd gear wheelies no prob, 4th is a little harder.
  6. sapper12

    best bang for the buck

    Id have to say jet a jet kit first. Any other mod won't do much if it isnt jetted properly. Next get a set of cams, you can get hotcams for $300 a pair from ebay. After that I'd say exhaust is you next best bet, I love my GYT-R set up, but it is LOUD. After that a twin air intake kit would complement the bike. The kit uses fire retardent foam instead of a screen and a billit cage for the filter instead of the bulky plastic thing thats in there now. This will give the bike more power, but if you want to go faster, get the bike setup for you, take it to a suspension shop, you will be amazed at the difference.
  7. sapper12

    GYT-R Exhaust system

    I LOVE my gytr setup. You get to keep the stock head pipe guard, and it fits perfect. The muffler is build like a brick shitehouse. Awesome performance. But pretty much the loudest thing out there. If noise is a problem where you ride you may want to get a db dawg or something like it.
  8. sapper12

    Widest rear tire ?

    You betcha. Michelin 140's are the same as other 120's. So a 140/90/18 would fit no prob. I run a 120/100/18 carlsbad on my 06 WR with oodles of room, can't wait for my 140 Michelin's to get here!
  9. sapper12

    I can't source Michelin S12's

    Michelin's 130 80 Tire is the same as a 110 100. For some reason they mesure the tire in a different spot as the rest of the world. I think michelin mesures across the tread block rather than the carcas.
  10. sapper12

    PMB vs. GYTR baffle

    Save your money, they pretty much do the same thing. Youy may want to do the muffler mod though, I did it on my 06 with the PMB insert and i could notice a gain in flow. Just search WR muffler mod.
  11. sapper12

    Need help...wr250f

    Those jets will work to fix your idle. Keep in mind that the zip ty screw is a different size than stock, so the setting will be different. The JD kit does not come with pilot jets, so it won't help to fix your idle. The JD kit will, however, improve the bike everywhere else, and it is WAY better than dynojet (I just replaced my Dynojet with JD).
  12. sapper12

    jetson exhaust

    I've got the GYTR exhaust, and its got a low aggressive bark. But real loud, so if noise is an issue in your area I wouldn't recomend it. Good set up though, lots of power all through the RPM range.
  13. sapper12

    Need help...wr250f

    +1 for taking off the carb. You may as well clean the whole thing. I let my bike sit for a few months and had the same prob as you. There was gas gunk everywhere. After I cleaned it up it ran like a champ. The carb and jets don't need special tools, just a narrow flat head for taking out the jets.
  14. sapper12

    08' to 06' 250F exhaust compatable?

    Just the head pipe. I tossed the stock muffler in the dump after I got a full GYTR system.
  15. sapper12

    08' to 06' 250F exhaust compatable?

    I gotta stock head pipe from my 06 WR, perfect shape. Willing to let it go for real cheap, if it will fit.