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  1. Kelly, yes we will be at the Fall Classic riding both days. We were about half way down on the right as pit row flowed. We stopped by your exhibit and looked at the bikes but you were wondering around and we missed you. See you at Bend. Craig
  2. Ride, We met at Bend earlier this year, just did not get a chance to say hi at the 24hr. we were the 125D team riding Huskys. Our team name was "We're not fat, were Team Husky". I was on my TE 510, my son on a TE250, two friends on TE 450s, and my other son sharing the 510 and 250. We had a late bail out of another friend on a TE 450 so had to substitute with our last rider on a Yamaha 250F. We had hoped to stay all Husky but ran out of time finding a Husky replacement. We had two riders with less than 4 weeks of riding time total between them so our only goal was to ride clean, not get hurt and finish. We did all three and did not finish last in class. My son ripped the front brake line from the reservoir while going through Forresters Forest and rode the last two laps with no front brake. Your pictures were great, really nice detail. What a fun ride with the best weather you could ask for. Scott sure gets lucky with weather when the 24 hr comes up. See you at Bend for the fall classic if you are going??? CWStiff.