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  1. yzRIDER4life

    jetting issues...

    The jetting is all to stock specs. right now...
  2. yzRIDER4life

    jetting issues...

    I have an '05 YZ250F and I recently installed a White Bros. Carbon Pro exhaust, power now system, and stage 2 hot cams...bike isn't running bad or anything and I'm very impressed with the new power but I think a different jetting setup would furthermore increase the power...I'm for Pennsylvania and its still a litttle cold outside but normal riding temps. are between 60 and 80...any suggestions????
  3. yzRIDER4life

    worst crashes

  4. yzRIDER4life

    hot cams stage 2 question!!

    Ok I got on hot cams web site and found out that the paper is supposed to say stage 2 and 3 RAPTOR cams require different valve spring kit! Sorry for the confusion and thanks for everybodys input!
  5. yzRIDER4life

    hot cams stage 2 question!!

    I recently purchased the hot cams stage 2's. On the paper provided with the cams it says I need a new valve spring kit but I've heard from several people that I don't need them. Do I NEED them or not???