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  1. muahman

    98 510SMR Rear Rotor problem or normal.

    Yeah, I meant 08. I double and triple checked the torque on the bolts holding the rotor and they are correct. Brakes work fine. I'm gonna have to assume this is normal behavior. Just seems weird.
  2. Well after doing the Power-Up kit this past week I started the next project. Some SuperMoto Engineering fork sliders and rear axle block sliders. I got them on ok, but I'm not sure if the rear rotor is on right. I can "sort of" wiggle it a little. The bolts are tight but I can rattle the rotor a little bit. I have a few bikes and none of their rotors are like that. Maybe I'm just being paranoid but I would think the rotor should be firmly planted on the rear wheel? Manual doesn't say a thing about it. Does anyone else experience this issue? The rear brake works fine.
  3. muahman

    2008 Power-Up install issues.

    Lots of good replies. Thanks! I am gonna go give Halls Cycle a call right now since I bought the Power-Up kit from them. They seem like a good dealer and like they know what they are talking about. I will report back what they say and see what options I have.
  4. muahman

    2008 Power-Up install issues.

    Yeah, mine is an 08. I will check the parts PDF from Halls. The midpipe is unusual in that there is like a lip on it like an insert. But from what I can tell from my investigation it's smooth and also welded in there so I doubt it's a cat. Thanks for the heads up. As far as getting it remapped, that gonna take some work as there are no huskie dealers within a 12 hour drive.
  5. Well I ordered the aftermarket front axle nut from Hall's Cycle and a set of SuperMotoEngineering fork sliders/Axle Block sliders. Just at a quick glance i'm sure the front sliders won't work with the aftermarket 15mm nut. Has anyone come up with a solution to use both? I guess I'll go back to the stock nut for now.
  6. muahman

    2008 Power-Up install issues.

    Hmmmmm. So that pipe I was having a hard time getting the exhaust over appears to have been the cat. Shit. Back out to the garage. More work to do.....
  7. muahman

    2008 Power-Up install issues.

    Shoot. The ECU needs reflashing or something? Also realized on the initial test drive today that I'm supposed to remove a throttle stop? Searching for "Power Up" and "power-up" resulted in only finding this thread. Maybe it was Husky Cafe that had the more in depth instructions.
  8. muahman

    2008 Power-Up install issues.

    Ok, after a little work I finally got that slip on, on. Then only had to life the gas tank to find the 02 connector. I was way over-thinking it. Only one bolts holds the gas tank on. Been working on the Japanese bikes wayyyyy to long. Really got love how easy it is to work on this thing!
  9. muahman

    2008 Power-Up install issues.

    That's a bummer as I pulled the bike inside to work on it so I could be in the AC. Don't want gas on the living room floor. Trying to get this slip-on in there is frustrating as hell. Not much room to wiggle it around as it's right next to the frame. Arrrrgh. I suck at working on bikes. Most people could probably do the Power-Up kit in 15 minutes.
  10. Doing the power-up install tonight on my 2008 SMR510. Or at least trying to. I got the stock exhaust off ease enough, but I'm having real issues getting the Arrow one on. Maybe I have to take the mid-pipe off as well? The mid-pipe seems to have like a pipe with-in a pipe or something. Seems to be welded in there? It seems like the Arrow slip-on is the same exact diameter as the "pipe inside the mid-pipe". Did you have to take off the mid pipe and put it together with the slip-op, then loosen the head-pipes to get this thing together? Also. I'm trying to follow the 02 sensor wire back to where it's plugged in. Seems to be buried somewhere up under the gas tank. I'm assuming the gas tank needs to be removed? Thanks for the help.
  11. muahman

    Graphics Kits....

    I have an order in with Ring Master Images. Their stuff is amazing. It was shipped like 3-4 weeks ago but I haven't received them. Is that the norm to get something shipped form Australia?
  12. Dayummm you fit two of those crates in the back of a pickup!?!?!
  13. muahman

    Greasy Concerns!

    I guess I'll go to autozone and pick up a grease gun. My usual grease gun is my index finger. Is grease grease or should I picking up a certain kind? Man I feel stupid asking these noob questions. I swear if you guys need help on an inline4 japanese sport bike I'm your man! EDIT: Looks like Bel-Ray waterproof grease is the way to go. Ok. I'm about to got at this. Just gotta find a way to suspend the bike from the ceiling of my garage. Not to worried about the rear end. But it looks like I'll have to disassemble the entire front end including removing the forks. That makes me a little nervous.
  14. muahman

    Greasy Concerns!

    Found this thread. In case anyone else is new to working on dirt bikes/motards like me. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=661208&highlight=grease Has some pics. Though most of those mods are over my head at the moment. I haven't checked the grease at all since I put it together. I only have like 52 miles on the bike though(like 3.5 hours though. LOL. I break 'em in slowwww). Hopefully I didn't damage anything. This tard is in FL and is track only will NEVER see rain. (had some bad rain crashed and sit it out now). I think the grease fitting mods are more critical for the off road guys in mud and stuff. Is this a safe assumption? EDIT: Here's another helpful link for grease concerns: http://www.dirtbikemagazine.com/ME2/dirmod.asp?sid=&nm=&type=news&mod=News&mid=9A02E3B96F2A415ABC72CB5F516B4C10&tier=3&nid=FE11D727959B4C2AA7906490B9DED4BD
  15. I just got a crated 510. No way you will fit two of the crates in the back of a truck. One fits easily but the crates are pretty huge.