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  1. moto_ridah

    Which YZ250 should I buy 05, 03, 01?

    Get the 03 YZ if it looks like it has been taken care of. The aluminum frame is nice but not worth an extra 100hrs and $300. You would be looking at at least a top end for the 05. Just ask about basic maintenance stuff for each bike. I could be wrong but the 05 sounds like the owner just rode it a lot, with no basic maintenance.
  2. moto_ridah

    how do you know if you need a different spring rate

    Yeah you are right. I always mix it up. The sprung weight of the rear of the bike is relatively low compared to rider weight. So a soft spring will have little to no free sag in order to achieve your race sag.
  3. moto_ridah

    how do you know if you need a different spring rate

    You want to be referencing free sag and race sag to verify that your spring rate is correct. Set your race sag, if your free sag is less than it should be your spring is too stiff. Race sag is normally about 105mm-120mm and free sag around 30mm.
  4. moto_ridah

    Chain Rattle

    It's a pretty common occurrence depending on how tight you run chain. Easiest thing would be to down shift.
  5. 2002 Nissan Frontier, 2.4L, 5spd, 2wd, ride rite airbags
  6. moto_ridah

    YZ250 setup for river crossings

    I wouldn't say it stall prone but it definitely bogs if you get the cab vents in water. I did about 10 thigh high crossings on a ride early this year, and it bogged and sucked a bit of water into the crankcase. T fittings in the vent lines is probably a good idea if you are trying to be on the safe side.
  7. moto_ridah

    Yz250 clutch cable too long

    If the sheath on the old one is longer it will make the cable tighter when installed. There will be less cable protruding from the the sheath on each side. Sounds like you may have the wrong cable.
  8. moto_ridah

    How hot is too hot?

    Ideal temperatures for a motor is about 195-205/210. I would say 237 is on the edge of worrying. Make sure you are jetted correctly, a lean bike will run hot. Also check that your cooling system is working correctly, what is your normal operating temp?
  9. moto_ridah

    Holding onto grips and work the levers

    It will take a lot of seat time to get used to using the correct riding techniques. Once you get more comfortable on the bike it will be easier to move around and make switching to the balls of your feet a lot easier.
  10. moto_ridah

    MX Pics!

    Nice pix. The front fender in the 7th pix down looks kinda unhappy
  11. moto_ridah

    Narrowing my search.

    Exotic bikes are harder to get parts for right now, but KTM isn't really considered exotic. A 250-300 KTM would be perfect for you. Not sure where you are looking but there are a ton of KTM in WA. At your price range it will probably be a 2003 or older.
  12. moto_ridah

    First moto fade

    I always used to pump up on my first ride of the day, until I started warming up. Also get some type of hand grip exerciser, use like 30min before you ride. It will get your forearms warmed up way better than any kind of cardio.
  13. moto_ridah

    How many bike have you owned?

    1974 Honda mr50 1986 Honda xr80 1996 Yamaha rt100 1978 Honda xl175 1993 Kawasaki kx125 1997 Honda cr125 2002 Honda cr125 1996 Honda xr400 2002 Honda crf450 2006 Yamaha yz250
  14. moto_ridah

    Oxidized Aluminum

    I always scotch brite with wd-40 or water, the fluid helps alot.