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    Has anyone seen the SDG Pit bikes?

    We all know that the first batch did have some problems with the tranny but, have since been fixed. We have seen a couple of the 04 model trannys go out but, have had no problem with support at our dealership. Maybe the reason that you got little to no help is due to the fact that they require the supporting dealership to inspect and verify the part/parts that are faulty. They are required to submit a warranty claim and in our cases, were dealt with promptly and professionally. I order from them pretty often and have had no major problems. If you were unhappy with their product why did you purhase more? One's attitude has a lot to do with how they are treated. 808SDG
  2. 808SDG

    Word on the street is......

    I don't think so, I work @ a shop that sells SDG's and sales are definitely doing well. We just got in a new shipment of bikes yesterday. Spoke to the owner a few weeks ago and no word on your word.